Mayawati Resigns From Rajya Sabha

In a surprise action, the BSP chief has submitted her resignation to Hamid Ansari in protest against her not being allowed to raise in the House atrocities against Dalits.

New Delhi: Bahujan Samaj Party chief Mayawati has on Tuesday resigned as the member of the Rajya Sabha, within hours after she walked out of the House threatening to quit her membership. She has sent her resignation letter to Rajya Sabha Chairman Hamid Ansari.

She has taken the decision protesting against the action of PJ Kurien, Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha, who earlier during the day did not allow her to speak in detail on the atrocities against Dalits in Saharanpur of Uttar Pradesh.

While walking out of the House in the morning, Mayawati declared, “I have no moral right to be in the House if I am not allowed to put across my views on atrocities being committed against Dalits.”

When the Rajya Sabha met on the second day of the monsoon session on Tuesday, Deputy Chairman PJ Kurien allotted her three minutes to raise the issue in the House that was in session. When she exceeded the time limit, Kurien asked her to conclude her speech.

Getting emotional, she declared “I will resign from the Rajya Sabha today,” while walking out of the House.

She had earlier argued with the Deputy Chairman as to how she can be prevented from raising the issue about her community and Dalits. a�?I have not finished. You cannot do this,a�? she asserted. “I have no moral right to be in the House if I am not allowed to put across my views on atrocities being committed against Dalits,” she maintained.

Saying these words, she walked out of the house and later briefed the media. She said: “I have come to this House to be the voice of Dalits and backwards a�� to raise their issues. But when I am not allowed to speak, why should I stay here?”

“That is why I have decided to resign as a Rajya Sabha member today,” Mayawati announced.

However, Kurien justified his act saying that she can only call for a discussion after giving a notice under Rule 267 that seeks adjournment of proceedings to take up an issue. But she cannot make a speech to initiate a discussion. He stated that a discussion can only begin after the chair, on the advice of government, accepts the notice and agrees for a discussion.

The Deputy Speaker tried to pacify Mayawati. But she refused to agree with his reasoning. She walked out saying she has not right to be in the House if she cannot protect the rights of her community.

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