Master Plan for Amaravati

  • Livability, mobility and vibrant economy are the key

HYDERABAD: Singapore and Andhra Pradesh governments today unveiled the master plan for the statea��s new capital city.

The structural plan spreads about 7420 sq km in the region. The city will rise on the banks of the Krishna River, between the existing cities of Vijayawada and Guntur.

Named after an ancient Buddhist city, Amaravati would be the seat of the Andhra Pradesh Government. It would also be a city where Andhra citizens and people from all over the world can live, work and play.

According to the structural plan, the central planning area would be around 854 sq km and capital city would be 217 sq km.

Iswaran, minister in SingaporeA�PMO and second minister for trade and industry, and his team handed over the master plan to chief minister Naidu today. Iswaran said the master plan would guide the development of Amravathi up to 2050.

The five key features of the citya��s master plan are growing a vibrant economy, creating a livable Indian city, enhancing connectivity and active mobility, ensuring sustainability and the peoplea��s capital.

The delivery of the Amaravathi Master plan marks the second milestone in the three-stage plan of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between International Enterprise Singapore and the Infrastructure Corporation of Andhra Pradesh.

Amravathi will be built on the land pooled from the contributions of the villagers in the region. In return, they would receive plots of commercial and residential land in the city and share in the fruits of development for years to come. The master plan also provides an affordable housing, easy access to amenities, such as schools, healthcare services, markets, and shopping malls, libraries and a university. (NSS

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