Mass Maharaja to turn director?

Hyderabad:Mass Maharaja Raviteja did not do any films last year. After bagging a hit with a�?Bengal TigeHra��, Raviteja took a long vacation and went on a world tour. Then a gossip made rounds that Raviteja is planning to bid goodbye to acting and take up direction. After taking retirement as a hero, he thought of making a re-entry as director. It may be recalled here that Raviteja had worked as an assistant director in the early days of his career. Based on that experience, he reportedly planned to wield the megaphone.

However, all the news was proved as gossip as Raviteja had signed the dotted line for two films such as a�?Raja The Greata�� and a�?Touch Chesi Choodua��. The gossip mongers tried to revive their gossip saying that he would take up direction after those two movies. Surprisingly, Raviteja had agreed to do one more film which is the remake of successful Tamil film Bogan with Jayam Ravi and Aravind Swamy in the lead. The film had completed 50-day run recently. The Telugu remake would be directed by Lakshman and Raviteja would do the role of Aravind Swamy in the original. The film is most likely to go to floors in August. Thus Raviteja put a full stop to the rumours on direction.

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