Masked people roam in TS

  • Swine Flu fear catches up in districts
  • Massive propaganda by govt results in extra care

Hyderabad, January 29: Many villages and towns besides the twin cities have been suddenly besiegedA�a�?masked peoplea�? of late. No they are not members of any criminal gang planning to commit a robbery but ordinary people trying to protect them-selves from the deadly Swine Flu virus. !!!.

As the Swine Flu began to steadily grow into an epidemic what with reports of increasing number of patients rushing to hospitals and also the reported deaths of some of the affected persons, has set the alarm bells ringing among the people not only in the twin cities but also in adjoining villages and towns.

The massive propaganda, though belatedly, launched by the state administration about the precautions to be taken, the panic-stricken people seem to have decided to put them into practice. The easiest and simplest precautionary measure obviously is to cover the faces with masks, especially when they move round in crowded public places.

Thus people — young and old besides children— are now seen moving about with their faces covered with masks.A� Students and teachers in schools and colleges, medical staff including nurses and doctors, office-going employees, street vendors and many other commoners are seen wearing masks and going about their daily routine chores.

EvenA� bus, rail and air passengers too are wearing masks while travelling. Thus with more number of people preferring to wear masks rather than get affected by the virus in public places, there seems to be sudden spurt in theA�demand for masks. This resulted inA�some enterprising pettyA�vendors now selling masks at all public places like bus and railway stations, near shopping malls and markets, cinema theatres, etc.

Thus masked people are seen every-where in twin cities and in the neighbouring villages and towns. (NSS)

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