Marriage with Pawan kalyan is an impulsive decision: Renu Desai

Hyderabad: Renu desai, Pawan kalyan’s ex wife in her interview on the eve of Women’s day  said Pawan was an average in role of husband.

Renu Desai, who became close to this actor- turned politician during shooting of Badri, was staying away from him along with kids from few years. Though particular reasons were not mentioned for their divorce, Renu Desai strongly believes Pawan was a good actor, politician rather than a husband.

In her interview, she felt some decisions went wrong in her life due to impulse and regretted later. Surprising issue in her interview was marrying Pawan kalyan was an impulsive decision. Renu Desai, who always mention Pawan as her lover gave a utter confusions with the statement using word impulsive which left Pawan fans in confusion.

Pawan kalyan married Anna Lezhenva, an Australian, after giving divorce to Renu. Actor is busy with Katamrayudu songs schedules which will be caned in foreign location from next week.

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