Manmadh Rebba, First Ultraman from South India

Florida: First Telugu Guy who became Ultra-man

Received Prestigious Presidential Award in US for tutoring Homeless kids.

Manmadh Rebba, who hails from Hyderabad, India, won the prestigious title of ULTRA MAN 2017 in an event held at Florida. He has completed triathlon of 517.4 km in 31 hours 46 minutes to achieve the UltraMan title. Out of 44 participants from 21 countries competed; Rebba won the title, adding another feather cap to his previous title, The Iron Man.

Event with 10 kms swimming and 176 kms cycling on day one, followed by 275 kms cycling and double marathon of 84 kms on day 2, could not stop Manmadh from winning title. Manmadh, who takes father as inspiration, thanked his team and crew after winning the title.

Manmadh Rebba received Prestigious Presidential Award from Barrack Obama in 2016 for tutoring homeless kids. In his words spending time with potential kids is amazing.

“The three days has been the summit but the journey was memorable that brought me here and made me finish the cross line.  I want to raise my voice against Child abduction- International and Domestic. If you damage a kid at an early age, you are a damaging the society.  If we all don’t come together and protect the kids, this world is not going to get better.”  This is what Manmadh said after winning the Award.

Manmadh Rebba completed his bachelor of Architecture Degree in JNTU and left to US to pursue his Master’s. He is currently working as an Architect/Project manager for a construction company in the US.

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