Mallya can apply to return to India: MEA

NEW DELHI:A� Can Vijay Mallya, a business tycoon who is now under the chase of A�Enforcement Directorate (ED), return to the country from his London hideout, even though his passport have been suspended by the authorities here?

a�?Yesa�? says the Indian Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).

Under the cloud of A�many allegations of financial irregularities, and violations of law Vijay Mallya A�has left the country in March this year and presently living in London. A�Now he is expressing his a�?inabilitya�� to personally appear beforeA� the courts, because of A�his passport was suspended by the Indian Authorities. He submitted the sameA� argument beforeA� a Delhi court through his counsel.

However, the ED requested the court to give it time to reply to the Mallyaa��s contention. The court has scheduled further hearing for October 4.

Earlier on July 9, the court had cancelled the exemption from personal appearance granted to him and had directed him to appear in person. Then Mallya requested the court to give him some more time.

ContradictingA� the above contention of Vijay Mallya that the suspension of his passport is hindering his coming back to the country, A�the MEA A�has clarified the actual position. According to the MEA spokesperson Vikas Swarup, thereA� is no problem at all if Mallya really wish to return to the country. A�He can right away approach the Indian High commission there and apply for an Emergency Certificate (EC) that provide a travel document.A� The EC is a facility thatA� available to anyA� Indian citizen who wanted to return to the home country, he said.

“Our position is very clear. Any Indian citizen who is outside India and who does not have a valid travel document for any reason, only has to approach the nearest Indian Embassy or High Commission and apply for an Emergency Certificate,” Mr Swarup said.

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