Malini Parthasarathy to edit the Hindu

  • Set to take over on February 1
  • First female working editor of a premier English daily

New Delhi, January 27: Malini Parthasarathy is slated to take over as editor of The Hindu on February 1. She will be the first female editor of a premier English daily in India. A newspaper with hoary past, the Hindu was until recently edited by N Ram. After he demitted the office, an outsider Sidhartha Varadarajan was brought in as the editor. After less than one year of his stewardship, Vararadarajan was asked to leave and Ravi, Rama��s brother, took over the reins.

The traditional newspaper which is left of the centre in its philosophy had tried to make the organization more aggressive by inducting a CEO from the Times of India stable. In the process an editor from outside the family also was hired for the first time in the papera��s history. Both the measures were undone by the same family after it got back on the same page on resolving internal problems. Malini, daughter of Parthasarathi, part of the family of the founders, who was a journalist.

Mohana Bharatiya has been handling the editorial department of the Hindusthan Times as Editorial Director. But she is not a working editor. Saptahik Hindustan, a Hindi weekly and magazines like Famina and Debonair had female editors. But no mainstream daily could boast of a women editor so far.

Malini, a no-nonsense type, is known for taking stern measures against employees who violate discipline. She also identified hard working and committed journalists to help her to play the role of an editor effectively. K Srinivasa Reddy, who was Associate Editor in charge of Telangana edition in Hyderabad, was shifted to Chennai at the behest of Malini. Reddy is expected to be given new responsibilities in an elevated position. It appears as though the time has arrived for drastic changes in the Hindu, once called the Mountroad Mahavishnu. Whatever the changes that may occur in editorial department, the policy of the newspaper is most likely to remain the same-left of the centre since Malini is known for her radical views.

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