Making city clean: NRIs fund urinals

  • First state-of-the-art unit at Lakdi-ka-Pool

Hyderabad:A� The GHMC is motivating NGOs and corporate houses to bolster the sanitation infrastructure in the city in an effort to strengthen the Swachh Hyderabad Mission.

As part of this initiative, Gray Power, a charity organisation comprising NRIs belonging toA�Hyderabad, has come forward to establish 25 state-of-the-art urinals in the city. The first one was installed near Kala Bhavan on Tuesday. New Zealand-based Sunil took the initiative to raise funds for this initiative from NRIs, who have their roots and are linked toA�Hyderabad. After surveying locations which were being defaced by urination, the Gray Power activists approached the GHMC with a proposal to set up urinals under CSR initiative.

Costing Rs 1.25 lakh each, the aesthetically designed stainless steel urinal is robust and requires minimum maintenance. Each unit has two urinals with a uniquely designed flush system which ensures easy maintenance. The whole unit is one piece with concealed flush with no scope for vandalism. The first location at Lakdi-ka-Pool, was chosen as the site was highly prone to wayside urination. Now, the area near Kala Bhavan is clean. GHMC has supported the initiative by sprucing up the immediate vicinity and greening the area.

A�Gray Power said it could contribute more funds for the citya��s needs and this was only a small gesture as many more NRIs would like to give back to the city where they have grown up.

Lauding Gray Power, GHMC has requested other corporate entities to support the Swachh Hyderabad Mission. Commissioner B Janardhan Reddy said development of a city likeA�HyderabadA�is a continuous process and for sustainable infrastructure it would require contributions from all stakeholders to make this city truly Swachh. He added that many corporate entities were coming forward to support the Swachh Hyderabad Mission and assured them all cooperation from GHMC. a��NSS

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