Major Defeat for Trump: Obamacare Repeal fails

Washington: The health care plan proposed by the Trump administration, as a replacement of Obamacare, failed in the House on March 24. President Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan have left no coin unturned to get the bill through the House, yet they failed to obtain 216 votes required to pass the bill.

President Trump looked frustrated in the press conference, when he said that they fell short of about 10 to 15 members. Obamacare is imploding and would soon fail, Trump said. He said he wanted a healthcare that works for all Americans.

He said all he had to do was just wait till Obamacare explodes, and then he said the Democrats would come to request him to rescue the healthcare. Now, the Democrats completely own Obamacare, Trump said.

The affordable health care act bill backed by House Speaker Paul Ryan and Trump administration is a three-pronged bill. Only the first part was introduced in the House. The bill aimed to repeal Obamacare and replace it.

Trump campaigned against Obamacare and its increasing premiums during elections. He promised the Americans that he would repeal the healthcare, as it was failing. However, in all practical terms the repealing proved to be more difficult than the Trump administration had imagined.

Repealing Obamacare without an immediate replacement would throw millions out of insurance. So, the administration came up with a replacement plan. Trump’s Health Secretary Tom Price and Paul Ryan have worked together on the plan. They explained it to fellow Republicans and tried to convince to pass the bill in the House. Had the bill passed, the next step would have been to move the bill to Senate for its approval, and if succeeded, then the last step of president signing the bill into law. But the bill has failed in its first phase.

The president has done everything he could, Sean Spicer said in the press conference. At the end of the day, he cannot force people to vote for him, he said.

Paul Ryan, disappointed with the results, said they couldn’t get the consensus. However, he said they would move forward and work on the other issues, such as immigration and tax reforms.

Trump had also promised massive tax cuts for the middle class during his campaign. But first Obamacare has to be repealed before implementing tax reforms, he said many times, pushing the bill to repeal and replace Obamacare.

The government spends a lot of money toward healthcare, more than its defense. The bill proposed massive cuts in the federal payment to Medicaid, a health program for old and disabled people. All this would have provided budget for the tax reforms that Trump planed to bring after the health repeal bill.

Now that the health bill is rejected in the House, the tax reforms will have to be limited. And as per the administration, there is no plan to revise or reintroduce the health bill in the Congress in the near future.

The Trump administration will move on to other issues, such as immigration and infrastructure. And for now Obamacare will remain the law of the land.

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