Maintain restraint : CM

  • All must work in unison
  • None should insult the other

HYDERABAD: Leader of the House K Chandrasekhar Rao today appealed to the members to maintain restraint during the Assembly proceedings. The  Chief Minister who invited the  wrath from congress members for his absence when there was ruckus in the house on Minister Jagadish Reddy’s derogatory remarks, urged the members of all political parties to maintain decency and  help for  upkeep of the dignity of the house.

‘We are playing our own roles in the house. We must work in unison for a single cause of state development and welfare of the people’, he exhorted. The mike was off when congress member Chinna Reddy was speaking, while it was on when the minister was talking, he said. Indeed, the minister was wrong in saying what he did, said the chief minister. If the opposition members give emotional speech and target us, the ministers should rebut in the given limitations, he said. None of the members of the house should insult or belittle the other, KCR averred. ‘I agree with the argument of Jana Reddy and we invite his valuable suggestions’, he said. On behalf of Minister, I express sorry.

The ministers should not loose their cool even if the opposition members indulge in wrong talk or utter bad words’ he suggested. This is not the way we have to pull up each other, but instead should complete the job without any scars, he said. ‘Let us stop personal criticism and using abusive words’ KCR said. He urged the members to cooperate with the chair to send a good message to the people who are keenly watching our business in the house, the CM cautioned. (NSS)

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