Mahesh Number One In Tollywood

Hyderabad: Prince Mahesh became the only actor from Tollywood who has 3 million followers on Twitter. Mahesh’s huge following in social media proves he has strong pan India appeal.

Surprisingly next to Mahesh is ace director Rajamouli who showed power of Tollywood across India with his Bahubali. He is followed by 2.8m on Twitter.

Coming to No 1 position in South India, the top place is always occupied by only one man, he is none other than Tamil Superstar Rajnikanth with 3.6m. But these readings or numbers are for male genre.

Surprisingly South India NO 1 position, whether male or female, place is occupied by Shruthi Hasan, who has 4.8 millions, proving the dictum ‘Ladies first’ right even in social media.

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