Mahender Reddy’s Narrative Questioned by Relatives Of SI, Beautician

Super cop Mahender Reddy’s narrative in the double suicides by the SI and the beautician has been disputed by the relatives of both the deceased.

Hyderabad: There are not many takers for the narrative given by Commissioner of Police Mahender Reddy on the death of beautician Sirisha.

The CP has announced on Friday afternoon at a media conference that the police have cracked the mystery of Sirisha’s death. He explained the chronology of events that led to Sirisha’s death. He implied that SI Prabhakara Reddy committed suicide after learning about Sirisha’s death. Mahender Reddy said Sirisha had committed suicide and nobody killed or molested her. He did not blame even Rajiv, the owner of RJ studios for the death of the beautician. He said SI Prabhakara Reddy did not assault Sirisha who was only frightened imagining that some harm is going happen to her.A� The CP found fault with Sravan who masterminded the whole plot. Reddy called him a bad character.

Rachana, wife of Prabhakara Reddy, believes that her husband was killed in an unseen conspiracy. She and Prabhakara Reddy’s mother said he is not a weak-hearted person to commit suicide. The mother said when her son visited her last time at the village, she expressed misgivings about the police station where an SI had committed suicide some months ago. It was then that Prabhakara Reddy had assured his mother that he would not do such a thing and he is not so weak at heart.

The parents of Sirisha in West Godavari district disputed the version of the Commissioner of Police. The mother says her daughter was killed out of fear of the police department being exposed. The mother said Sirisha has no habit of carrying chunni with her. She said Sirisha’s height is 6′ and her legs wouldA� touch the floor if she hangs to a fan. Moreover, Sirisha weighs about 68 kg and the fan would have fallen down had she hung herself to it. The mother-in-law asked why Tejaswini was not questioned by the police. She alleged that the police have made baseless allegation against the deceased by saying that Sirisha had drinks at the police quarter and that she is a woman of easy virtue.

Even journalists who report crime news question the decision of CP Mahender Reddy to hold a press briefing before the forensic report of vagina swabs of Sirisha was obtained. Reddy’s anxiety appears to give a clean chit to SI Prabhakar Reddy by certifying that he did sexually assault the beautician. Reddy was also eager to establish that the SI committed suicide after knowing about the death of Sirisha and that his suicide has nothing to do with the harassment by the superiors in the department.

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