Mahanadu: Actor Kavita Miffed At TDP Leaders’ Attitude, Walks Out

Film actor-turned-politician Kavitha has walked out of Mahanadu in a huff when the organisers did not invite her to sit on the dais.

Visakhapatnam: As Mahanadu started on a high note on Saturday, a few leaders expressed dissatisfaction about the treatment meted out  to them. The first person to be vocal about the ill-treatment that is being given to her was actor-turned-politician Kavitha. She got hurt when she was not invited on to the dais. She got up and left the venue immediately. She also said that she is unable to take the humiliations meted out to her.

Saying that she was invited on to the dais as long as Telugu Desam was in opposition, she expressed anger that she was being sidelined after the party came to power. What kind of attitude and behaviour is this, she asked. Though Kavita has been expressing her dissatisfaction towards the party, no one tried to pacify her. Sources are saying that she got fed up with all this and was annoyed. Speaking to media persons Kavita has broken out.

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