The Mahabharata: Mother Of Mega-Budget Movies

The huge budget of Rs 1000 crores makes The Mahabharata the most-expensive film in the Indian cinema, surpassing other mega-budget movies like Bahubali series and Rajnikanth’s 2.0.

Hyderabad: The adaptation of epic Mahabharatha that is going to be produced with a mega budget of Rs 1000 crores will have actor Mohanlal in the central role. This was confirmed by Mohanlal through a video posted on a social media platform. He told his fans that he would be playing the role of Bheema, who is known for his matchless strength. The events of the Mahabharata would be told through Bheema’s perspective in the film.  The movie is based on MT Vasudevan Nair’s critically acclaimed novel, Randaamoozham. The finance for the project is being provided by a UAE-based Indian businessman.

Sharing how the whole thing evolved, Mohanlal said that he aspired for a visual representation of the novel when he was reading it the umpteenth time. Saying that it is a privilege to play the role of Bheem, he thanked the businessman Shetty for trusting him. To narrate the story to the world in the best way and beautifully, it needs a world-class budget, he observed. He saluted Shetty who agreed to give Rs.1000 crores to the project.

The huge budget makes The Mahabharata the most expensive film in Indian cinema, surpassing other mega-budget movies like Bahubali series and Rajnikanth’s 2.0. to be released in November.

The film being made with an aim to have an identity across the continents will be made in two parts and released in six languages, told the producer Shetty. The film would be shot in English, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu initially and later will be dubbed into other Indian languages and foreign languages, he said. Founder and chairman of UAE Exchange and NMC Healthcare, Setty said that the cast would be picked up by an internationally famous casting director.

The shooting for the first part will start in 2018 and is scheduled to hit the screens in 2020.

Mohanlal’s entire message:

“Writer and Jnanpeeth Award winner Vasudevan Nair in his Rrandamoozham tells the story of Mahabharatha through the perspective of Bheem. Even I grew up listening to stories of Mahabharata like you all. It is the king of epics that has been ingrained not only in our culture but also our psyche. I was deeply influenced by Randaamoozham, like Mahabharata. I read the novel so many times that I can’t even remember the number. Reading it the umpteenth time, I wished that there would be a visual representation for this. Playing the role of Bheem is a great opportunity to me and I thank Shetty for his faith in me. To narrate the story in the best way and beautifully, it needs a world-class budget. I salute Shetty who gave Rs.1000 crores to the project. This is a gift that he is going to leave for the future generations and it is a legacy in itself. His commitment shows his dedication to Mahabharata and our country’s culture. Only Indians are the ones that love their country and be deeply committed to it can take such decision. I would also like to share the relentless work of VA Shrikumar Menon to make the film ready as per schedule. I can say without any doubt that he will fulfil his commitment. I want to thank Shetty for trusting me. I would extend all the support needed from my side.”

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