Maha Guv Favors World Class Health Care System, Pats Apollo Hospitals Management

MUMBAI: Maharashtra Governor Ch Vidyasagar Rao favored a world class health care system as India was making serious attempts to break into the league of super powers in the world.

The Governor was speaking at the inauguration of the new building of Apollo hospitals a Parsik hills road, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai. He said the Union Government has launched the Smart Cities and Smart Villages program and the goal cannot be achieved without an element of smart healthcare as it is an integral part to smart cities and smart villages. a�?I seek cooperation of the Apollo in extending smart healthcare to the people of Maharashtraa�?, he said.

The Governor said a survey conducted by an American think-tank covering 22,000 publicly-traded companies in over 91 countries, showed that the companies employing 30 percent and more female executives earn more profits. So it makes sound economic sense to employ more women. a�?I admire that this Hospital was being managed very efficiently and professionally by Dr Reddya��s brilliant daughters a�� Dr Preetha, Shobana, Suneeta and Sangita.A�He said Indiaa��s doctors and surgeons are the best in the world. Today, apart from hospitals in Mumbai, the hospitals in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Delhi are increasingly attracting patients from Gulf and other foreign countries.A� As a matter of fact, the number of patients from abroad visiting India for treatment has been growing by 23 to 25 per cent annually. India has made significant progress in the healthcare sector since Independence. The average life expectancy in India was around 32 years in 1947. Today it has touched 69 years.

Devendra Fadnavis,A�Chief Minister of Maharashtra,A�Dr Deepak Sawant,A�A�Minister for Public Health and Family Welfare,A�Dr Prathap Reddy,A�Founder-Chairman, Apollo Hospitals Group,A�Dr Ms Preetha Reddy,A�Vice Chairperson,A�Ms Shobana Kamineni,A�Executive Vice Chairperson,A�Miss Suneeta Reddy,A�Managing Director,A�Miss Sangita Reddy,A�Joint Managing Director,A�Dr Narendra Trivedi, CEO, were present.


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