Madonna Posts Nude Photos

Madonna has relaunched her 1992 coffee table book, Sex, and released some latest nude photos on instagram.

Washington D.C:A�Music legend Madonna chose to strip completely naked for her latest Instagram post.

The 58 year-old, who shot to fame in the 1980s, did some skin show in a post on May 7, according to a report by

Although nothing explicit was visible, it was clear she wasn’t wearing anything.

In a second image, she is seen wearing nothing but a gold necklace.

The singer surprised her fans and with the photos however took some precautions to avoid any breach of Instagrama��s guidelines on nudity and sex

The maverick hot singer who once released a coffee table book called Sex in which she frequently appeared nude, posted these topless photos to coincide with the release of her revised and updated book on Sex which was originally printed in 1992. The chiseled body was photographed right from the top, just below the bust down to her upper thigh.

One was a re-post of a photo she’d uploaded last September in which she showed off a gleaming gold grill over her top teeth and a tangle of necklaces.

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