Maanas digital system in TBJP office

  • Maanas mechanism adopted
  • Kiron platform to distribute digital content
  • Tool to reach BJP workers across the state

Hyderabad, January 29: Hyderabad, January 29: Telangana BJP president and MLA G Kishan Reddy on Thursday inaugurated an innovative and path-breaking SMART digital content distribution platform in the State party headquarters at Nampally, here.

The Telangana BJP has embarked on a�?Maanasa�? (mind) as part of the Digital India vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Maanas is a scalable and powerful mechanism of distributing audio, video, e-magazines and so on that are related to BJP activities, ideology and vision to all party workers, registered members and citizens in general. Maanas uses technology from Kiora Inc., a California-based company that makes possible the downloading of audio, video, e-magazines without wires and internet. This patented technology will help the Telangana BJP reach out to all party workers and members even in the remotest corners of Telangana.

A�Maanas is operational in the State party headquarters at Nampally. In the course of the next few months, the system will be scaled up and made available to all district headquarters, mandal-level offices, wherein Kiora Inc. will enable both internet-based and offline models.

Kishan Reddy said the party was deploying the Kiora Platform for distribution of its digital content. Kiora Platform employs a path-breaking technology that is being implemented for the first time in India, wherein the party-cadre, members and others do not need expensive 3G bandwidth for accessing the BJP Gyan Bhandaar (digital library). Kiora Platform helps reach and connect urban and rural areas with or without internet connectivity.

Chagla Sar, vice-president Asia-Pacific said, a�?We are happy to partner with BJP Telangana to provide this path-breaking technology initiative that will present BJP Telanganaa��s vision of being a cohesive, inclusive, participatory, accountable representative of the people. (NSS)

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