Lucky Customers Get Rs 500 Notes in Place of Rs 100 from ATM

The recalibrated ATM of Kotak Mahindra Bank located at the Shamsabad International Airport here, has delivered higher denomination  notes than sought, to the surprise  of the customers on Saturday evening. The ATM handed out Rs.500 notes when customers pressed the  buttons for Rs 100 notes.

It is said that more than a dozen customers were lucky to get Rs 500 notes instead of Rs 100. The limit of withdrawal from ATM being Rs 2,500 at a time, those who arrived at the airport from various places were trying to withdraw the cash at the ATM at the arrival gate. The machine popped out the money in the combination of one Rs 2,000 note and five Rs 500 notes, totaling to  Rs 4,500, instead of Rs. 2,500.

While  no customer complained about this,  the airport authorities who  came to know about this, called the Bank officials who  temporarily closed the ATM.

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