Lucknow Encounter: Director Krishnavamsi’s Khadgam Remembered

Lucknow: Saifullah, an ISIS terrorist, was killed in an encounter after 12 hour battle in Lucknow on Wednesday.

He was shot dead after he refused to surrender alive. His father refused to accept his dead body saying he is a traitor and he further added that Saifullah does not belong to this country how can I accept him as my son. This made saifullah’s father proud in view of people of Kanpur and rest of India.

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh in Parliament stated on Thursday that the Country was proud of Saifullah’s father.

Exactly this reflects Krishna Vamsi’s flick KHADGAM which was released in the year 2000. Prakash Raj, who acted as a auto driver, belonging to Muslim community fires at his brother Shafi in the climax shot, saying the same dialogue that HE IS NOT HIS BROTHER and belongs to a Terrorist country.

People are comparing this incident with recent Lucknow encounter.

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