LS Speaker backs reservations to women

Vijayawada: Lok SabhaA�Speaker Sumitra MahajanA�has said empowering women is necessary to make India resurgent. a�?Respectfully giving reservations to women is the need of the houra�?, she said.

Speaking at the valedictory session of the first National Women Parliament conclave in Amaravathi on Sunday, she urged theA�participants and delegates to contribute their best for mitigating problems of women. Such effort, she said, would help their empowerment and enable national development.A�

She also said that agitating for reservations is only asserting the basic human, civil and political right. The womena��s empowerment really means respect for women for her human dignity, freedom to choose way of life and active participation in decision making process in participatory parliamentary democracy. She further said that women can manage all the things in all the fields, the present convention will motivate the women towards nationalA�building.

She opined that women should be in driving seat to navigate the life, family, society and the nation. The Indian Parliament has taken several initiatives which include Speakers Research Initiatives. Women MPs have taken active participation in these initiatives as well as legislation, executive and judiciary which enabled quality of governance. We should create an awareness among women about their rights. This will help multi-role playing of women in societal development. Women are bestowed with the noble qualities of compassion, dedication, devotion, tolerance, patience and magnanimity which comfort the family as well as society. Sumitra Mahajan lauded the efforts of the Andhra Pradesh government that most of the initiatives of AP government are related to the development of women and children.

Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu said the Government of Andhra Pradesh proposes to start a novel program titled a�?Thalliki Vandanama�? (Salutations to Mother) soon. He expressed the confidence that under the leadership of present Lok Sabha Speaker 33 percent of reservations to women in parliament and Assemblies can be achieved through suitable legislation.

Chandrababu Naidu announced theA�“Amaravati Declaration”A�on which UNO will give a reportA�within 3 monthsA�and the resolutions will be circulated to all the State governments regarding equal opportunities to women and their participation in socio-economic development of the country. Speaker Kodela Sivaprasada Rao said that 22,000 young women participated and discussed the socio-economic and political challenges for women empowerment.A�

The three-day National Women’s parliament conclave concluded on Saturday evening.A� Ministers, MPs and MLAs participated in the conference.A�More than 405 women MLAs and 92 women MPs, Union ministers and ministers from various States attended. -NSS

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