Lover Slits neck and kills Fiancee

A frustrated lover who suspected the fidelity of his fiancee killed her brutally in Vizag in a bizarre incident.
Lover Slits neck and kills Fiancee

Visakhapatnam: In a ghastly incident, a youth killed his fiancee by slitting her neck with a broken glass piece and hitting on head with a stick suspecting her fidelity. The incident that occurred on Saturday gave the onlookers shivers.

According to police, Boorali Bhavani (19) and Bondalapu Satish (23) were in love for quite some time. They decided to get married to which their parents also gave their consent.

A couple of months ago Satish met with an accident and went into a coma. Bhavani discontinued A�her nursing course to take care of Satish.

In the mean time, Bhavani’s parents convinced her to choose another groom as Satish did not get well completely. They thought Satish was not in a position to take care of her daughter after marriage on account of his health conditions.

Bhavani stopped visiting him thereafter. Suspecting Bhavani developed a relationship with some other person, Satish called her to his house on SaturdayA�for a dialogue. He hit her with a metal dumbbell and slit her neck with a piece of broken window pane.

On hearing cries from the room, neighbours rushed in. Overwhelmed by anger, Satish even pounced upon those who tried to stop him. Bhavani collapsed on the ground profusely bleeding blood and died. The accused dragged the body through the staircase frightening those gathered. Police later arrested the accused.

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