Long queues, a�?No Casha�� boards at banks

Hyderabad:A�People in serpentine queues were seen in front of banks and ATMs in the twin cities ofA�HyderabadA�and Secunderabad even on the 24thA�day, on Friday, after demonitization of Rs.500 and Rs.1000A� notes.

A�a�?No cash, No paymentsa�� boards greeted the customers at many of the bank branches, disappointing them and forcing them toA�use harsh language against the Union Government and the RBI.A� People were upset that the tall promises made by the authoritiesA�haveA�remained unfulfilled in regard to supply of adequate cash to meet their needs.

Some banks have not received cash flows, and even in banks where new currency was received, the quantum was meager.A� Within one hour of opening the banks, the cash available was disbursed, leaving a large number of customers in the lurch.A� At many banks, people waited with a hope that cash would arrive, but many were disappointed.A� Customers blamed the Centre for taking major decisions without making proper arrangements. a��NSS

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