London Attack An Act Of Terror: Police Confirm

London: The senior national coordinator has declared this a terrorist incident, said police commander in the London Metropolitan police brief.

a�?Although we dona��t know the motive, a full counter-terrorism investigation is already underway,a�? he said.

The attack happened at around 2:40 PM local time near the UK parliament square, in which threeA�people including one woman areA�confirmed dead. Many casualties were reported. The square is a busy place with tourists and politicians, especially on Wednesdays when prime minister attends the question hour in Parliament.

The commander said that they had received a number of different reports, which involved a person in a river, a car in collision with pedestrians, and a man with a knife.

The officer said that there are a number of casualties including police officers, but for the time being he couldna��t confirm the numbers or the nature of the injuries. He requested public to avoid Parliament Square, and the Westminster Bridge. He requested for any material or video of the incident to be passed over to the police.

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