Lokesh to get Cabinet berth

  • Several ministers to be dropped
  • Corruption, incompetence may cost jobs
  • Reshuffle in cards after Assembly meet

(Ankababu Kollu)

Vijayawada: Nara Lokesh, heir apparent to AP Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu, is all set to be inducted in the cabinet. The reshuffle expected to take place soon after Assembly session in the second week of this month.

In his recent interviews to some selective news channels, Naidu has not denied induction of Lokesh into cabinet when ever reshuffle takes place.

When ‘Note for Vote’ came to light for the first time, many thought Naidu will face criminal action from TS  government which will force him to quit the post.

Rumours in political circles hinted at one junior minister at the Centre tried to take up reins with blessings from an important minister in central cabinet. It was all premature talk.

It was also rumoured one of the state minister also tried for the top post at that time. It was all premature talk. Naidu had managed the latest developments in ‘Note for Vote’ case with consummate skills. Another important rumour going around in TDP circle is that four or five present ministers are going to be dropped.

Prominent among them are Prathipati Pullarao and Ravela Kishore from Guntur Dist; Sidda Raghava Rai from Prakasm; Kollu Ravindra from Krishna; Palle Raghunadhareddy from Ananthapur. Some of them may go on corruption charges, some others for nonperformance.

Prominent among those who are being considered for inclusion are Bhuma Nagireddy, Jyothula Nehru and Sujaya krishna Rangarao who crossed over to the TDP from YSRCP.

Kodela Sivaprasad , Assembly Speaker is likely to be taken into the cabinet. Either Dhulipallav Narendra, senior legislator, or Ravela Kishore may be considered for Speaker’s post.

Magunta Srinivasulu Reddy, MLC, is considered for a berth in the cabinet as his inclusion will satisfy Reddy community both in Nellore and Prakasm districts.

Most surprising will be dropping of Narayana, Minister for Municipal Affairs, considered to be very close to the CM. Since he is in no way useful politically in his native Nellore or anywhere else, CM might confine Narayana to the capital area activities creating a new position exclusively for that purpose.

Ramanarayana Reddy, who recently joined the TDP from the congress, is also being considered for his ability in administration and his considerable influence in Kadapa, Kurnool and Chittoor districts besides his native Nellore district.

Chandramohan Reddy, another strong leader from Nellore district, has be accommodated in some position or the other.

To give representation to the Vysya community, Sriramtatayya,senior legislator from Jaggaiahpet in krishna district, could be considered in place of Sidda Raghavarao.

Anitha, an SC MLA from payakaraopet in Visakhapatnam district, has a chance to figure in the list of inclusions. She was mainly responsible in getting film actor and belligerent YSRCP Legislator Roja suspended from assembly.

Payyavula Kesav, MLC from Anantapur district, is  likely to be included in cabinet to defend govt  strongly In  and outside the Assembly. Naidu and his son Lokesh, besides his family members, are likely to finalise deletions and additions in the next two or three days in Pune where they are on vacation.

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