Lokesh to be inducted into AP Cabinet

Dara Gopi

Amaravati: It has been more than two years wait for the Nara family to see the big dream coming true, may be in a fortnight or a month with the family head and Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu deciding to bless his son, Lokesh, with a Cabinet berth. The decision will give power to the second generation in the Nara family that started with Chandrababu Naidu three decades ago.

Lokesha�� inclusion in the Cabinet has been pending for over two years with the party leaders raising the demand. The Cabinet expansion, which is initially due for last Dasara did not take place as Chandrababu Naidu delayed his decision on crowing his son with the Cabinet post. Chandrababu Naidu allowed the party leaders at all levels to discuss and accept the inclusion of Lokesh in the Cabinet. He had allowed the leaders to create a positive atmosphere in the party in favour of Lokesh and finally decided on making his son a Minister.

There are two reasons for the party leaders to back the induction of Lokesh in the cabinet. The first reason is to get into the good books of the Chief Minister, the leaders are raising the demand for inclusion of Lokesh in the cabinet. The second reason is that some of them are upset with the young leader trying to dominate them both in the party and the government as well. If Lokesh is made a Minister and given a portfolio, he would get busy with the Ministry and find no time to poke at others. They also want to see that Lokesh performance is also measured and he is proved a failure before the party goes for the next elections. The advocates of the two reasons have their own support in the party and they are set to celebrate his inclusion in the Cabinet.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is busy building his new cabinet that would take this government for the 2019 elections. With hardly one year to go for this government, as 2019 will be having elections to all local bodies, panchayats, mandals, zilla parishads, municipalities and municipal corporations, the Chief Minister wants his new team performance-oriented. He is said to be unhappy with half a dozen of his Cabinet colleagues now and wants to replace them. He has another half a dozen vacancies which he would have to fill. If everything goes well, Chandrababu Naidu wants dozen new faces in his cabinet including his son, Lokesh. Besides inducting new faces and dropping some from his cabinet, the Chief Minister is also said to be planning to change the portfolios of some of the Ministers.

The other important factor that this round of reshuffle is set to see is the possibility of giving berths to the legislators who have come from the Opposition YSR Congress. The legislators like Jyothula Nehru, Bhuma Nagi Reddy and Jaleel Khan are firm on having a berth in the new cabinet and it is to be seen how they would make it finally.

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