Lokesh Declares Family Assets

  • Refutes YSRCP charges

Vijayawada: Nara Lokesh, National General Secretary of Telugudesam Party (TDP) has disclosed details of the assets of his family members here on Wednesday. This is the sixth consecutive year that Lokesh has been declaring the assets of his family. Lokesh joked that his father and Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu is in financial problems since he transferred his properties to the family members. He said he would continue to disclose his assets even when his family is in power.

Lokesh has expressed anger and anguish at the baseless allegations made by YSRCP leaders that he has purchased huge properties in the name of benamis. He challenged that he would give away any extra properties other than what he had declared, if the opposition can prove. He said there are no differences in his family. ‘We meet everyday at least once and discuss all matters. There were no differences, there are no difference and there would be no differences in future. The YSRCP is bent upon creating a wedge between me and my father on one and between two major communities in the State, on the other’, he commented. He Said that he would contest in 2019 elections if the party commands, otherwise he would keep on working for the party. 

The TDP General Secretary made it clear that there is not an iota of truth in the allegations that he insulted Deputy Chief Minister Chinarajappa. The YSRCP has been actively engaged in mud-slinging at me and it would not stick, Lokesh said.

There is absolutely no truth in the allegations that he was interfering in the government, he asserted. He said he attended party politburo meeting as an ex officio member as he has a duty as General Secretary to explain party activities. He asserted that he never attended any cabinet meeting. More than 3000 workers had received help from party workers’ welfare fund and the families of 1110 workers had got insurance amounts at the rate of Rs 2 lakh per family, he told the media persons. Answering a specific question about his joining the cabinet, the young politician said it would be decided by the politburo.

According to the declaration, the following are the details of properties owned by members of Nara family:

Total value of assets owned by Chandrababu Naidu: 3.73 crore

Value of the residence in Hyderabad: 3.68 crore

Value of ambassador car: 1.52 lakh

Cash in bank account: 3.58 crore

Bank loans in Naidu’s name: 3.06 crore

Total value of the assets owned by Bhuvaneswari: Rs 38.66 crore

Total debts: Rs 13 crore

Value of assets: 24.84 crore

Value of plot at Punja guttaa: Rs Rs 73 lakh

Value of land in Tamil Badu: 1.86 crore

Value of Madinaguda land: 73 lakh

Share I Heritage Foods: 19.95 crore

Share in different companies: 3.23 crore

Gold: 1.27 crore

Value of car: 91 lakh

Total value of assets owned by Lokesh: 14.50 crore

Total debts: 6.35 crore

Value of assets: 8.15 crore

Shares in Heritage Foods: 2.52 crore

Shares in other companies: 1.64 crore

Value of the car: Rs 93 lakh

Brahmani assets:

Madapur land: Rs 17 lakh

Jubilee Hills Residence: Rs 3.50 crore

Chennai commercial place: Rs 48 lakh

Manikonda land: Rs 1.23 crore

Devansh’s assets:

House in Jubilee Hills: Rs 9.17 crore

Fixed deposited: Rs 2.4 crore

Cash reserve: Rs 2.31

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