Live up to peoplea��s expectations : KCR

HYDERABAD: Exuding confidence that the TRS will return to power in 2019 general elections, Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao today asked his party men to prove themselves different from others and live up to peoplea��s expectations.

Apparently, turning out to be a Connoisseur, Rao said the people are angst and belittling the politicians for character assassination and corruption.

a�?Our services should convince the people, and we must remain great leaders for serving them and become harbingers of the society. We are lucky to be in politics to serve the people in a different waya�?, he said, adding that a�?we will do what we saya�?.

Rao made it clear that the people will definitely re-elect the TRS to power in the next general elections, which is not a big issue, if we are able to serve them differently avoiding corruption. Or else, the people will dump any leader, he felt. The politicians got the bad name by their acts, besides belittling themselves through character assassination, he noted.

He expressed concern over the people having bad feelings on the politicians.They feel politicians enter politics to swindle money, indulge in corruption and rule the roost without serving them.

Keeping this in view, we need to work in a different manner to wipe out scars, Rao said. This is only possible when the TRS leaders are with the people and serve them the best, he averred.

a�?We have to get name and fame by offering best services and avoiding corruption to remain in the history, otherwise, the people will discard us into the history with bad name. He smoothly warned the ministers, MLAs, MLCs and MPs of the party to be cautious on serving the people.

a�?We have to strive hard to remove these scars and win their confidence gradually, a�? Rao said. (NSS)

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