Little Meena Dies In Borewell

After sixty hours of rescue operations, the officials realised that the little girl might have been dead. Finally, by using air pressure technology, they brought out her mortal remains.
Little Meena Dies In Borewell

Hyderabad: The 16-month girl who slipped into an open borewell in Chanwelly village of Chevella Mandal in Rangareddy district on Thursday was declared dead. The rescue teams strove for 60 hours to save little Meena have gone in vain, said Minister Mahender Reddy. When the rescue staff tried to bring out the body of the girl using air pressure technology, her frock too came out with her body parts, and stinking smell started emanating from the well, he told the media.A� However, he said that they are making efforts to handover the body to her parents. With this revelation a pall of gloom descended over the family.

After Meena slipped into the well on Thursday evening, efforts were made to save her. With three days efforts, the rescue teams could not save her life. The girl, who was at 40 feet depth on Thursday, was not found after the motor in the borewell was removed on Friday. Though, they scanned the well with special laser cameras,A� and searched upto 210 feet with the most modern matrix water proof cameras, they could not find the girl. In this context, when they tried the air pressure system on Sunday morning, the frock of the little girl came out and foul smell started emanating from the well. With this they confirmed that little Meena was dead.A�More:A�Officials Suspect If Chinnari Is Alive?

The Minister expressed regrets that they could not save the little girl even after putting efforts for 60 hours. As her frock and mortal remains came out when air pressure was used, we realised that she was dead, he told. Mahendar Reddy said that Meenaa��s body was sent to Chevella Hospital for post-mortem.A� He warned that stringent action would be taken against people who do not cap the abandoned bore well. He promised that help would be extended to Meenaa��s family.

In fact, the officials came to a primary conclusion that she might have been dead on Saturday itself, as 50 hours passed away after she slipped into the well.A� But they have continued their operation with an aim to bring out her mortal remains for the sake of her parents. Though the officials brought special cameras that can capture visuals in 360 degrees angle, they could not track the girl.A� With this they came to an understanding that when the motor in the bore well was removed on Friday, the girl might have got stuck in the soil on the side walls of the bore. They came to an opinion that she must have been within 40 feet depth and tried to dismantle it carefully from the sides. They decided to bring out the body using flusher if they dona��t find her after digging up to 40 feet. For this they brought special machines from KLR Industry. More:A�Toddler Falls Into Borewell, Rescue Operations In Full Swing

Minister Mahender Reddy and MP Visweswar Reddy, former MLA K Lakshma Reddy who were supervising the rescue operations, after discussing with the officials gave chance to anyone who said they would bring out the baby, with the knowledge they have. They have sent a hook dangled to a rope and tried to bring out the baby if it catches her dress.A� But that failed. They tried to bring out the motors stuck in the well too.

Thinking that CC Cameras were unable to capture the image of the girl due to water and sludge deep inside the well, they drew the water with the help of motors. But they could not find her. Finally, with the help of MP Visweshwar Reddy they brought the latest side cameras from Hyderabad and tried to find out if she was stuck anywhere in the middle.

The ONGC team that reached the spot on early hours of Saturday to help the NDRF team which was workingA� for the past three days, observed the well and declared that the conditions there were not viable to carry out rescue operations there.

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  1. June 28, 2017

    […] The borewell is said to be closed with a stone and was only opened ten days before the incident as rains started lashing the area, said police. It was opened to check the water table level. During this time, he lowered a small motor into the hole, along with the pipe and did not cover it after that, police told. As the pipe was thin, the baby fell into it.  More: Little Meena Dies In Borewell […]

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