Little acts of kindness save even a life

Jai ho Nityananda!

A decade ago I had to go to Visakhapatnam. On a mid-day, the Indian Airlines aircraft landed at Vizag Airport. Cabs demanded RS 500/- to carry me to city. On enquiry I was informed that if I walk a km I would reach the road point from where public transport will be available. I dared and started to walk. Within 5 mts an Innova stopped by and a gentleman from inside wanted me to hop in. It was indeed a pleasant surpise and god sent transport.

As we were proceeding to the city I enquired the gentleman’s credentials. He humbly said that he is Nityananda Reddy from Aurobindo Pharma.

I strongly believe that such acts of kindness to humanity has rewarded Mr Nityananda by saving him from the AK-47 wielding mad person who tried to kidnap him at KBR park recently. All religions say “Service to humanity is service to God” or “Manava seva is Madhava seva” or as geeta said ‘you do your duty I will take care of you’, Yogakshemam wahamyaham.

I congratulate Mr Nityananda once again for the servival as he is ordained by God to continue to do service to humanity.

-Chaturvedula Sri Rama Chandra Murthy,

202, Venus Banjara, Domalguda, Hyderabad

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