Little acts of kindness save even a life

Jai ho Nityananda!

A decade ago I had to go to Visakhapatnam. On a mid-day, the Indian Airlines aircraft landed at Vizag Airport. Cabs demanded RS 500/- to carry me to city. On enquiry I was informed that if I walk a km I would reach the road point from where public transport will be available. I dared and started to walk. Within 5 mts an Innova stopped by and a gentleman from inside wanted me to hop in. It was indeed a pleasant surpise and god sent transport.

As we were proceeding to the city I enquired the gentlemana��s credentials. He humbly said that he is Nityananda Reddy from Aurobindo Pharma.

I strongly believe that such acts of kindness to humanity has rewarded Mr Nityananda by saving him from the AK-47 wielding mad person who tried to kidnap him at KBR park recently. All religions say a�?Service to humanity is service to Goda�? or a�?Manava seva is Madhava sevaa�? or as geeta said a�?you do your duty I will take care of youa��, Yogakshemam wahamyaham.

I congratulate Mr Nityananda once again for the servival as he is ordained by God to continue to do service to humanity.

-Chaturvedula Sri Rama Chandra Murthy,

202, Venus Banjara, Domalguda, Hyderabad

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