Let Sadhvi, BJP apologise to Hindus first!


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December 3, 2014

The Editor, Primepost


It was distressing to hear that one Ms a�?Sadhvia�� Niranjan Jyoti, Minister of State for Food Processing at the Centre, while campaigning in Delhi for the BJP is reported to have said in a public speech that people should choose between the legitimate sons of Ram and the a�?illegitimate sons.a�� It is obscure to me what her intentions were when making such a remark. Obviously, many persons of other faiths, and even the Congress Party leadership, have felt offended by the remark and are asking for her resignation from the government. Some have termed her remarks a a�?hate speech.a��

What has not been mentioned, in case her remarks have been correctly quoted, is the offense they must cause a pious Hindu. Ram Bhagawan is considered an incarnation of Vishnu as a a�?satya-purush,a�� or true man. He was an incarnation of God to show humanity what a perfect man should be. Valmiki is very clear about Lord Ramaa��s character. He had only one wife, unlike other kings; he was true to his word, and never twisted it; when finally forced he needed to use only one arrow to destroy any foe. For a Hindu woman, that too someone who calls herself a a�?sadhvi,a�� to imply that there were a�?illegitimate sonsa�� of such a mahapurush is hurtful to Hindus, pious people and lay people alike. Before she apologises to others she and the BJP need to apologise to the vast numbers of Hindus in India and in several other countries.

Vithal Rajan


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