Legislators hail KCRa��s moves, urge CM to implement SC/ST Sub-Plan effectively

Hyderabad:A�SC/ST public representatives have given suggestions on strengthening and proper implementation of the SC/ST Sub-Plan. Congress MLA Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka has announced that they are congratulating the initiative being taken by the Chief Minister in effectively implementing the Sub-Plan inA�TelanganaA�State.A� Bhatti Vikramarka had taken part in the formulation of the SC/ST Sub Plan. MLC Redynaik said the CM is working with commitment for the implementation of the Sub-Plan.

a�?Generally besides allocating funds for the SC/STs, special funds should be given to them and an action plan for the implementation of the same should be made. If the funds allocated to them are not spent for one year, they should be carried forward for the next year. Rules have not been formed for the SC/ST Sub-Plan. Amendments should also be made for the Sub-Plan. For the development of the SC/ST, Growth Engine should be created and the SC/ST Committee should made recommendations on this, a�?the CM said.

A�a�?The funds allocated to the SC/STs should be spent though the SC/ST departments only. How these funds are to be allotted and how they are to be spent, the Committee should recommend. For these communities the needs change from region to region,a�? the CM said.

Telangana TDP MLA Sandra Venkata Veraiah suggested that the State government deposit Rs 15 lakh in the name of each Dalit if it was not able to provide three acre land as promised. Sandra, who participated in SC/ST sub-plan meeting submitted a memorandum in this regard. He said if the government was not able to provide three acre land to Dalits, there should be a fixed deposit of Rs 15 lakh each in the name of RDO. The interest accrued on fixed deposit should be distributed to Dalits for their livelihood, the TDP MLA said. Sandra also asked the government to set up a separate commissionerate to ensure implementation of A�SC and ST sub-plans headed by a senior IAS officer.The TDP MLA also urged the government to give subsidy to Dalits to visit Ambedkar shrines like it was giving subsidy to Muslims for Haj.

Congress MLA Sampath described that it is revolutionary step to convene a meeting of the SC/ST Public Representatives to discuss at length about the SC/ST Sub-Plan. Intervening, the CM has advised the Congress MLA not to praise the government now. Wait for some more time till there is perceptible change in these communities, the CM advised.

Responding to this,A�Bhatti Vikramarka said a welcome step made for the development and it should be hailed.A� Kadiam Srihari,A� Nandi Yellaiah, Dr J Geetha Reddy, Dr Rajaiah,A� Kishore and others also spoke.

The CM has agreed to send an all party team to the Centre inA�DelhiA�asking for categorisation of the SCs.

ST Committee:A�Chairman: MinisterA� Azmeera Chandulal, Members:A� DS Redynaik,A� Sitaram Naik,A� Nagesh, Sri Ramu Naik, Ms Kova Laxmi,A� Sunnam Rajaiah andA� Thati Venkateshwarlu.

SC Committee:A�Chairman: Deputy CMA� Kadiam Srihari, Members:A� Nandi Yellaiah,A� Balka Suman,A� MS Prabhakar,A� Sandra Venkata Veeraiah,A� Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka, Dr J Geetha Reddy,A� Sampath Kumar,A� Nallala Odelu, Rasamayi Balkishan,A� Kishore,A� Sanjeev Rao. Special Invitee: Koppula Eshwar. – NSS

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