Legal literacy campaign on electricity laws, rules

Amaravathi: InA�a unique and significant step for protection of electricity consumersa�� rights, theA�AP State Legal Services Authority, for which theA� Acting Chief Justice is the patron-in-chief and Executive Chairman, has accepted the Andhra Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission (APERC)a��s request to permit the Legal Services Authorities and Mandal Legal Services Committees to associate A�with persons/officers from the electricity sector in the legal literacy programmes being organized by the Legal Services Authorities at different levels.

While thanking the Acting Chief Justice, Justice G. Bhavani Prasad, the Chairman of APERC, said that legal knowledge about procedures of power sector is a weapon in the hands of consumer. Now, common consumer can raise his apprehensions about several issues like rectification of DTRs, correction of erring electricity bills, support of utilities, payment of compensation for laying of transmission & distribution lines and implementation of Citizen Charter etc.

As a part of this major initiative, several legal literacy programmes to spread awareness about the electricity laws, rules, regulations and rights and obligations of the consumers are to be conducted and the Legal Services Authority has been requested to issue instructions to all the District Legal Services Authorities in this regard, Bhavani Prasad said.

The APERC Chairman along with members of APERC P. Ramamohan and P.Raghu, has discussed the above initiative with Ajay Jain, Principal Secretary Energy I&I, and top officials of relevant departments and power utilities in AP to issue detailed instructions to all the concerned in the power sector.

Such initiative is the first of its kind in the country and the joint efforts of the AP State Legal Services Authority and the Andhra Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission will be of great help and service to all the 1.47 crore electricity consumers in AP, said Justice Bhavani Prasad.

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