Left parties warn govt. against tinkering with SC, ST Sub-Plan

Hyderabad: A�Seven Left parties, including CPI, CPI(M), CPI(ML) New Democracy, MCPI(U), SUCI(C) and RSP have demanded the State government to continue the SC, ST Sub-Plan Act as it is and made it clear that they will not entertain the government in case the latter tries to water down the Act.

At a meeting held at Maqdhoom Bhavan hereA�on Tuesday, the seven Left parties discussed the SC, ST Sub-Plan Act under the chairmanship of CPI (M) state in-charge secretary G Nagaiah. The discussion focused on February 4 announcement of Telangana State Government that it would change the name of the SC, ST Sub-Plan. The meeting opined there was a need to protect the Act at any cost. It was alleged the TRS government was spending funds meant for SC, ST Sub-Plan for namesake and diverting the major share of the funds like the previous governments. A�

The meeting recalled how the Communist parties, peoplesa�� organizations, Dalits, tribals and intellectuals had struggled for the achievement of the SC, ST Sub-Plan Act. The meeting feared that the TRS government was trying to abolish the Act citing technical reason that the Centre had removed the planning budget from the budget in regard to SC, ST Sub-Plan funds. The meeting demanded the TRS government to implement the Act as it was. If there any loopholes, there was no objection if the government plugs them in the Act. The meeting also asked the State government to prepare rules for implementing it as it was.

The Left parties also decided to extend their solidarity to the Dalit, Adivasi and tribal peoplesa�� agitations demanding the State government to implement the Act as it was and join their fight if A�the KCR government tries to change the SC, ST Sub-Plan.

CPI state secretary Chada Venkat Reddy, CPI (M) in-charge secretary G Nagaiah, CPI (ML) New Democracy state executive member K Goverdhan, New Democracy state leader KG Ramchander, MCPI (U) state leader Upender Reddy, SUCI (C) state leader Ch Murahari and RSP state secretary Janaki Ramulu participated in the meeting. A�a��NSS

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