With Left Ideology In Mind, Right Camaraderie At Hand, Is Pawan A Confused Leader?

He speaks of Che Guevaraa��s Communism. He quotes Ambedkara��s socialism. But, sails with the Rightwing forces like BJP and its allies. He speaks of people battles on the streets. Though heading a political party, he keeps himself off from such battles. Is he a confused politician, searching in the sea to find a road?
With Left Ideology In Mind, Right Camaraderie At Hand, Is Pawan A Confused Leader?

Amaravati: After an hour-long interaction with Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu and another long session with the media in Vijayawada, the Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan, looked as if he completely lost his path. He claimed that he is as committed as he was earlier for the Special Category Status to the State, but said he had no time to talk about it with Chandrababu Naidu.

Pawan claims that he is concerned and even pained by the social boycott imposed on Dalits at Garagaparru village of West Godavari District, but says he cana��t visit them. He says he has the concern for peoplesa�� movements like Tundurru in West Godavari district, where people have been fighting against the aqua food factory, but says he cana��t be physically present with the people.

Pawan also says he has concern for the Kapu community, but is not clear why there was no agitation during Congress regime. He asks why the BCs did not oppose it when it was included in TDPa��s manifesto, why violence took place in Tuni, and why Mudragada is not allowed to walk.

a�?I cana��t go by a car. It took a lot of time for me to reach Vijayawada from Gannavaram because of the fans. That is the problem I am having,a�? Pawan said during the press conference.

A leader who claims that he cana��t visit people as freely as others because of his fan following cana��t be called a leader. NTR with even greater following visited places though he had no bouncers with him those days. If he feels that his fans have become a hurdle for him to visit places and meet people, what kind of a leader he is? Is he not a confused leader?

Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, NTR, MGR, Jayalalithaa had greater number of followers, and despite that they were with people. They never found that their followers are a hurdle for them to visit places and meet people.

Pawan has to keep his folks under control and come out of the shell that he has been living in. Though he said he would dedicate most of his time for politics from October, if his fans still make his trips difficult and he cana��t visit places and meet people what is it that he is going to do by dedicating his full time for politics is a big question.

Pawan is also not clear yet on his alliance with the BJP and the TDP. He is not clear on his plans to go with the left parties or YSR Congress in the next elections. He hasna��t taken any stand on the Nandyal Assembly by-election yet. Being head of a political party, Pawan Kalyan remains silent to the election — not contesting, not supporting and not voting.

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