Leakage At Secretariat Building Lowers AP Govta��s Image

A 20-minute rain had exposed the inferior quality of construction of the temporary secretariat complex at Velagapudi. The rain water had entered the ground floor of the complex and the office of the Leader of Opposition was drenched. Several other offices have received the rain water bringing down the image of the governmenta��s claims on building the world class capital.

Velagapudi: It was just a 20-minute small rain that had exposed the poor construction quality of the prestigious temporary government complex, popularly known as Temporary Secretariat here with the rain water drenching the offices and the furniture. The office of the Leader of Opposition had seen the seepage of rain water drenching the furniture. The corridors of the ground floor of the fifth block that houses of the Assembly and Legislative Council halls, besides the offices of the floor leaders and the parties, had seen the rain water flowing all over. The workers had tough time clearing the water manually.

As the rain water entered the office of the Leader of Opposition Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy, the media flashed it giving a chance for the officials to close the remaining five blocks for the media. The media persons who made an attempt to visit the other blocks were thwarted by the security personnel leading to speculation.

The AP Capital Region Development Authority Commissioner Cherukuri Sreedhar along with the senior officials visited the secretariat complex and inspected all the six blocks. The Commissioner said that there was nothing wrong in the construction of the new building but the leakage was only due to some alterations that were carried out recently for electrical and other works.

The roads in the complex turned into mini-lakes with the rain water. There have been warnings from the locals and even the experts on the danger of floods for the capital buildings during the rainy season. At one point of time, it was suggested that unless the entire area is raised by six to seven meters, construction is not safe here. Heavy rain in the vicinity and flood water into the river Krishna and the rivulet Kondaveeti Vaagu maroons the entire area with water coming from the ground. It is for this reason, the farmers use motors rarely as there is water in just 10 feet deep in the ground.

As the ground water table is just a little above one meter deep in the ground, it was initially advised not so safe for the heavy constructions. However, the government had gone ahead with the construction of the temporary complex at Velagapudi which has now become hot topic of discussion with the rain water drenching the complex.

On Wednesday, the members of the Opposition YSR Congress have made an attempt to inspect the complex to see the damage caused by the rain. However, they were not allowed to enter into the complex and were sent back as the workers were on the job cleaning the floors and rooms damaged during the rain.

With a good monsoon is predicted this season, there are doubts over the safety in the temporary government complex. The season would also give a chance for the people to debate on the selection of the area for the capital. The black soil, which turns into a cesspool even for a small rain, needs a lot to be done to make it liveable and the government would have to rework on the designs that were finalised last week for the permanent government buildings in the core capital.

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