Leaders urged to translate speeches into action

  • CPI veteran faults exclusion of women leadersA�

Dara Gopi

Amaravati: Veteran Communist leader and former legislator Kakarlapudi Subba Raju has found fault with the AP State government for ignoring some of the women representatives who have been working for their empowerment in the country.

While congratulating the organizers for making the event a success and coming out with Amaravati Declaration, he wondered why the organizers have ignored women like Brinda Karat, Annie Raja, Medha Patkar, Vandana Siva and others who have been working for womena��s empowerment for decades. He said that these women have sacrificed their lives in the fight for womena��s empowerment and regretted that they were not made part of the National Womena��s Parliament.

He wondered how the organizers have ignored the contribution of Mallu Swarajyam, who had personally participated in the armed revolution against the Nizam those days. He said that Swarajyam symbolises the womena��s empowerment as a fighter and expressed displeasure over the organizers ignoring her at the convention.

While asking the organizers not to limit to the papers the issues discussed and debated at the three-day event, he felt that the organizers should continue to work to realize the issues with the same spirit and commitment. He said that the government had spent a few crores of rupees on the event and wanted the government to spend some more money on the welfare of women in the State. He asked the leaders to work to realize the dreams of women as promised in the speeches during the three days.

The former legislator also wanted the governments to increase budget allocation for women and girl child welfare. He wanted them to focus on preventing women trafficking, girl child abuse, child marriages, and increase facilities in the girlsa�� hostels, allocation of funds for girl students and promote girl education. Unless these issues are addressed, the resolutions made at the three-day event would have no meaning, he asserted.

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