Lata Mangeshkar to be awarded with a�?Banga-Bibhushana��

New Delhi: Legendary Singer and Bharat Ratna Lata Mangeshkar to be awarded with Bengala��s highest civilian award a�?Banga-Bibhushana��. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banarjee announced this on her Facebook post.

a�?I am deeply overwhelmed by the letter of Lata Mangeshkarji, just received, conveying her kind consent to accept Banga Bibhushan, the highest civil award of Bengal. My sincere gratitude to her. We are immensely honoured,a�? Mamata said on Facebook.

a�?The love, respect and admiration that Lataji has for Bengal and the way she cherishes her wonderful memories with the State and different iconic personalities of the State, as reflected in her letter, has touched me very deeply,a�? Mamata said.

Mamata along with Sanjiv Goenka, owner of Saregama Music Company will present the award to LataMangeshkar on October 20th in Mumbai.

LataMangeshkar, the nightingale of India is celebrating her 87th birthday on September 28.

In an appeal to all well-wishers on her birth, she requested them to stay away from sending her from sweets, flowers and greeting cards. Instead, she asked her fans to donate money from these things to the brave soldier brothers.

“I believe that mother, father, teacher, motherland and the guardians of the motherland, our brave soldiers… Whatever we do for them, it is not enough. Our soldiers… who don’t think twice before sacrificing their lives for protecting our country… Because of them we are safe,” she said in a tweet.

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