Land Acquisition Bill is Need of the Hour : Venkaiah

HYDERABAD: Stating that the Land Acquisition Bill is need of the hour, the Union Urban Development Minister Venkaiah Naidu has said that theA� NDA government will take up several other important bills including a�?Real Estate Development and Regulation Billa�? in the forth-coming Parliament sessions resuming this month. He urged the opposition parties to extend support in passing the bills.

Speaking to the media on Friday, Naidu said that the people are hungry for development and wish for the Land Acquisition Bill. Even Congress governments like Kerala are demanding for the Land Bill, he said. He sarcastically added that no one could build roads, buildings, airports and railway tracks in air without land. People want development and the government is running against time to catch up with the lost opportunities. The world is moving faster and India cannot lag behind. Parliament should prove to be an enabler rather than a playground for political and obstructionist battles, he added.

Stating that the NDA government acceptedA�nine changes in the Land Acquisition Bill, the UnionA�Minister urged the opposition leaders like Jairam Ramesh, who is spreading misinformation in regard to Land Bill, to extend support in passing the Bill in the Parliament, instead of opposing the Bill for the sake of Opposition. He further said that the NDA government has made amendments to the Land Bill in the wake of suggestions made by many, including Congress leaders like former Commerce Minister Anand Sharma and ex-Maharashtra Chief Minister PrithvirajChavan.

He said that the NDA government will take up several important Bills including GST Bill, Undisclosed Foreign Income and Assets Imposition of Tax Bill 2015, Warehouse Corporation Bill and Regional Rural Banks Bill in the coming Parliament session.

Responding to a question, NaiduA�said that the BJP has not gone back on its stance on Jammu and Kashmir, and at the same time, the Party wona��t try to change the stance of Congress party also. Reacting sharply to the question by a scribe, Union Minister said that he has nothing to do with AICC Vice-President Rahul Gandhia��s come back.

A�Report to PM on Rain Losses

NaiduA�said that the Central Ministers visited the fields of rain-hit areas across the Telangana and Andhra Pradesh States. The Ministers will submit their reports to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on April 19 on the day the meeting will be held on calamities. The Centre will extend compensation to the farmers whose crop affected even 30 percent, and extend ex gratia of four lakh rupees to the kin of died farmers, he said.

He explained that there is no issue in regard to rain-hit area visits by roads. He said that the Telangana Chief Minister Chandrashekar Rao was ready to provide a helicopter,A�but due to bad whether it became unviable to visit rain hit areas by helicopter,A�andA�it helped in a great way to visit village by village extensively by roads. He said that he got first- hand information for going by road and visiting fields personally.

a�?That is not a political issue. No politics during calamities and developments. Politics are only with idealism. We work united for the development irrespective of politics,a�? he opined.

Naidu added that political leaders visit the victims to infuseA�confidence among them, but not for politics.

A�Shourya Awards

The Central Minister said that he recommended toA�the Centre to give a�?Shouryaa�� awards to the police whoA� participated in encounter with SIMI terrorists in Telangana. He said that police daringly participated in the encounter thatA�took place in Nalgonda district and hence recommended for the awards.

Masthanbabua��s body

Venkaiah Naidu said that he personally talked to Foreign Minister SushmaSwarajwith regards to mountaineer MalliMasthanbabu, who lost his life at Argentina-Chili mountains.

He said that the Centre spent one lakh Dollars to identify and bring his body from Argentina-Chili mountain row.A� The Centre sent Mastanbabua��s sister to Argentina to complete the formalities and bring his body home, he said. (NSS)

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