Lambada Thandas to be upgraded to Gram Panchayats

HYDERABAD: Panchayat Raj and IT Minister Rama Rao today declared all gram panchayats in the state would be strengthened to ensure rapid development of rural areas.

Releasing a booklet titled a�?A Year of Progress and Prosperitya�? of Panchayat Raj department at the Secretariat along with the officials concerned, the minister asserted that all small villages and Lambada thandas would be upgraded into gram panchayats before elections of sarpanch elections. He said these villages would get better road connectivity in the near future at an estimated cost of 5,470 crore rupees and 35 lakh saplings would be planted on both sides of the roads.

Stating that a�?Palle Pragathia�? program to develop the villages would begin soon, he said the officials collected 67 percent of taxes in most of the villages and 100 percent in some 2,000 villages successfully. The money so collected would be spent back on the development of the villages in the name of a�?Peoplea��s Taxes and Peoplea��s Works,a�? Rao added.

He exhorted the officials to have accountability and to shoulder more responsibilities to deliver the welfare schemes effectively. Now that they were given ample teeth, the officials should discharge their duties sincerely for peoplea��s welfare in the villages. Unlike anywhere in India, the TRS Government has increased salaries of peoplesa�� representatives, he said

Rao called upon the people to involve themselves in the schemes to make Telangana the best welfare state in the country. The government is releasing adequate funds for rural development and basic amenities like roads and infrastructure, he added. (NSS)

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