Lalit Modi Bids Goodbye To Cricket Administration a�?For Nowa��

SushilModi, who has been living in exile after facing charges of money laundering, on Saturday resigned as the president of Nagaur District Association breaking ties with RCA

New Delhi: The person who changed the face of cricket by introducing Indian Premier League matches, LalitModi on Saturday resigned as the president of Nagaur District Cricket Association, breaking the ties with the Rajasthan Cricket body that was banned by BCCI for allowing the tainted administrator in its fold.

Modi, 50, who left India after facing charges of money laundering, sent his resignation both to the Rajasthan Cricket Association and to the BCCI.

In a letter, Modi said, that he felt that the time is ripe to pass on the baton to next generation. a�?Thus today I want to bid goodbye to cricket administration for now,a�? he said.

Modi, who created the cash-rich and swanky IPL in 2008, was expelled from BCCI in 2010 on charges of rigging bids and money laundering among other charges. He left India while facing an Enforcement Directorate inquiry for financial violations, but did not let go his position in the RCA, which led to BCCI, altogether to ban the association.

Modia��s sonA�Ruchir, 22, lost the presidential elections earlier this year.

Modi urged BCCI to release the funds meant for the RCA after his resignation. He said that he has done his part for the betterment of Rajasthan cricket, and now ita��s the turn of BCCI to honour its promise.

a�?I repose my faith in you and the BCCI to do the right thing,a�? Modi added.

However, he accused BCCI of double standards in his letter. He alleged that while he was made a pariah, the body never did anything to stop its former president Srinivasan, who had been barred by the Supreme Court.

While the top court of the land has censured him for his involvement in Indian Cricket and asked him to stay away, the BCCI did not heed to it, he alleged.

Modi tried to certify himself that he was being penalized for a crime the he hadna��t committed.

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