Lal batti, Symbol Of VIP Pride Banned

It is decided that no minister, central government officials, chief minister and judge can use the beacon and create inconvenience to the public. Leading the way, PM Modi decided not to use it.

New Delhi: In a bid to check VIP culture, Union Transport Minister on Wednesday announced the removal of beacons or ‘lal batti’ from May 1. No minister, central government officials, chief minister and judge can use it. However, President, Vice President, PM, Speaker and Chief Justice are exempted from this. And also the emergency vehicles will be allowed beacons.

The announcement came after a Cabinet meeting on Wednesday. The minister said that this was done to check a�?VIP culturea��. It is learnt that the PM called for a meeting to discuss the issue.

In this context, Prime Minister Narendra Modi decided not to use beacon on his cars anymore and neither will other ministers would be using it. He was emphatic in recent meetings about ending this culture which has come to symbolise VIP pride at the cost of the public. Recently, the PMa��s convoy went to Delhi airport to receive Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina in normal traffic.

Meanwhile, two chief ministers who were recently elected- Yogi Adityanath and Captain Amarinder Singh had already given up the use of beacons on their official cars.

In 2013, a court order said the use of beacons should be restricted and suggested that only constitutional authorities should be allowed to use it.

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