KVP Fixes Naidu On Special Category Status

Congress MP K V P Ramachandra Rao wrote to Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Naidu asking him to pressurize Central government for Special Category Status to the State.

Amaravati: Congress Member of Rajya Sabha K V P Ramachandra Rao on Tuesday dashed off a letter to Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu to mount pressure on the Central government seeking special category status to the State. KVP said that the Niti Ayog is set to hold its second meeting on April 23, 2017, after its first meeting held on February 8, 2015. He said that there was no scope of the Niti Ayog holding its third meeting before the 2019 elections and wanted Naidu to make use of this meeting to press for the special category status to the State.

The Congress MP recalled that the special category status was a promise by the ruling Congress-led UPA and supported by the BJP-led NDA in the Parliament. He further recalled that the NDA, in which the TDP too is a partner, had promised the special category status to the State in their election manifesto and have promised to the people at their election meeting in Tirupati. He wanted Naidu to fulfill the election promise and see that the State is given the special category status.

Ramachandra Rao ridiculed the NDA claims that special category status had become irrelevant in the light of the 14th Finance Commission. He recalled that the 14th Finance Commission chairman Y V Reddy had discounted the claim and had categorically denied to have recommended against the special category status to the State. Having exposed by the 14th Finance Commission report, the NDA was now taking shelter in the devolution of funds from the Center. He alleged that the Central government was taking excuse in the name of Finance Commission and the National Development Council recommendations.

The Congress MP wanted the BJP and the TDP to tell people why the parties have demanded for special category status before and during the 2014 elections and why it was not given now. Referring to the TDP claims of getting seven Polavaram mandals was possible only with the pressure mounted by Naidu, the Congress MP wanted the Chief Minister to mount similar pressure and get the special category status. It is now or never, he said and expressed confidence that Naidu would get the status and fulfill his election promise.

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KVP introduces Private Bill For Special Status in RS

New Delhi: Congress MP KVP Ramachander Rao moved a private bill in Rajya Sabha accusing the Central Government of ignoring the assurance for special status to Andhra Pradesh State.

KVP said that political parties which are winning elections and coming to power are ignoring the promises made by previous governments. If assurances which were given on the floor of the Parliament were not fulfilled it would defame the image of Parliamentary democracy, KVP said.

KVP in his bill added that any promises made by Council of Ministers including Prime Minister should be provided with a Constitutional Guarantee.

He remebered that Union Minister venkaiha Naidu, then in opposition, raised demand for 10 years Special status to AP state, which was not pursued by him after BJP came into power.

KVP got support from Telangana Congress member Rapolu Anand Bhaskar who said that special grant should be allotted for AP state along with Special category status so that hormonious atmosphere between these two Telugu states will be established.

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