KTR Tells People To Thrash Who Demand Money For Houses

KTR said construction of double bedroom houses was going on in a big way in Telangana State

Mahabubnagar: Exhorting people not to trust middlemen in the allotment of double bedroom houses, IT Minister KT Ramarao has asked the people to thrash them if anybody demands money for sanction of double bed room houses. He described the 2BHK scheme as “self-respect of the poor”.

The IT Minister toured Mahbubnagar district on Tuesday and inspected construction of 2BHK houses at Divitipally. Speaking on the occasion, KTR said construction of 2BHK houses was going on in a big way in Telangana State when compared to other States in the country.

It was unfortunate that the Opposition parties are criticising the 2BHK scheme though it was a good one, he said. He also said the State government has taken several developmental programmes in the last 33 months.

Adverting to previous Congress government, KTR said it constructed single room houses and painted them with that party’s three colours. Praising his father K Chandrasekhar Rao, the IT Minister said the Chief Minister was constructing 2BHK houses keeping welfare of the poor in view.

He also reminded that the State government was extending Rs 75,000 under Kalyana Lakshmi scheme to the poor families for marriage of their daughters. Panchayat Raj Minister Jupalli Krishna Rao, MLA Srinivas Goud and MP Jitender Reddy accompanied KTR.

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No Increase In Assembly Seats In Telugu States

Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu said that legal hurdles are preventing the government from increasing Assembly seats in the States.

Hyderabad: The Chief Ministers of Telugu States are appealing to the Centre for increasing Assembly seats. Both of them are putting efforts to achieve this in their own style. In this context, they are assuring seats to those who crossed the floor and joined them. However, Union Urban Development Minister Venkaiah Naidu gave a huge twist to this issue. He revealed to State Municipal, IT Minister K Taraka Ramarao that it is not possible to increase the seats.

KTR, who has been on a tour to Delhi, met Venkaiah Naidu at his residence to explain the Urban Development programmes in Telangana State. In the five minutes meeting, KTR appealed to the Minister about adding Karim Nagar to smart cities list. He also requested the minister to attend a programme in July, where 73 towns in the State are being announced as open defecations towns. Later, Venkaiah Naidu spoke to the media. He told that legal hurdles are preventing them from increasing Assembly seats in Telangana State according to bifurcation act. He said that already a draft was formulated along with Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, Home Minister Rajnath Singh regarding Assembly seats. As they faced legal hurdles, he said that they want to go forward after solving them.

Meanwhile, Venkaiah evaded an answer to the question about State BJP leaders opposing an increase in seats.

He welcomed the support of CM KCR to the BJP Presidential candidate. He thanked CM KCR for it. Since the candidate was announced after consulting all parties; he sought the support of everyone to elect him unanimously. Venkaiah felt that it would be good if the election is unanimous.  He reminded how Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy was elected unanimously. He said that when he spoke to Chandrababu Naidu, he assured support. He also said that they also consulted CPI, CPM leaders.

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World Economic Forum Invites KTR

Meanwhile, Mr. Rao was also invited for the CII summit, which is going to take place on April 28 and 29 in New Delhi.

Hyderabad: The World Economic Forum has invited Telangana Industries minister KT Rama Rao to address a gathering during its annual conclave, which is going to take place from June 27 to 29 at Dollian in China this year.

He was asked to speak on how Hyderabad is being made a capital for start-ups, on Mission Bhagiratha and on how Broadband connectivity to every household was shaped. Mr. Rao will also speak on Telangana’s industrial and IT policies, as well as new measures on various fronts to attract global investments.

An estimated 2000 delegates from companies and governments across the globe will be participate in the conclave.

Meanwhile, Mr. Rao was also invited for the CII summit, which is going to take place on April 28 and 29 in New Delhi. He is going to deliver a lecture on the topic “Is India Ready for the Future-Technology and Jobs and Can India lead?”

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Will KTR Be Made TRS Working President In Party Plenary

KCR would like to project his son as the future CM. Will he make him party’s working president during the plenary?

Hyderabad: Telangana Rashtra Samithi, TRS, which has flexed its muscle after a series of electoral gains and ever-increasing popularity- is holding a crucial plenary from April 21 for two days at Kompally in the city outskirts. There will be a massive public meeting on April 27 –its foundation day- at Warangal.

The regional outfit which grew stronger after the formation of the State is busy drawing its electoral strategies and the plenary is one such occasion for the leadership to give a direction to the cadre for the 2019 polls.

On government side, Chief minister K Chandrasekhara Rao is already on the job and announced sops like free fertilizers to all the ryots from the next financial year and increased quota for muslims. He is eyeing the huge BC vote bank and sops to them have also been worked out.

On organizational front, the membership drive, starting with block-level offices etc were already done and in a way, party structure was streamlined.

Be it as it may, holding of plenary at this juncture appears rather strategic in more ways than one way. Some feel this is unnecessary since there has been neither anti-incumbency factor nor any need for organizational rejig. But, party conclaves generally take place when everything is on the right track and there are less voices of discontent.

According to well-placed sources in the party, one of the plans of KCR appears to be to lay a perfect grounding to make his son KT Rama Rao (KTR) as his successor. There was a broad agreement in the party for KTR’s leadership but handing over the baton rather smoothly is a tough task. KCR has methodically groomed his son by making him part in every important task and simultaneously cut to size KTR’s only challenger Irrigation minister T Harish Rao. The clout around Harish Rao has been weaned away. KTR too, on his part, has proved his mettle and has received support from all walks of life. Both in the state and outside, he is hugely popular.

Now KCR would gauge party’s mood for KTR’s elevation through the plenary. There was a demand to make him as a working president for the polls but it is unlikely that an announcement would be made to that effect. Another demand is that KTR should be projected as Chief ministerial candidate for the 2019 polls but KCR, known for his shrewdness and dexterity in handling things, would not take such a hasty step at this point.

Interestingly, KTR has been making district tours in the name of Janahita Sabhalu which are apparently intended to get more public support. In one of the recent interviews- he stated that KCR would be the CM for the next ten years and added that at 63, his father is reasonably less-aged in politics. Interestingly, he averred that he has no differences with Harish and that the latter would not cross over to Congress. “One thing is clear: This jamboree is not just for drawing 2019 poll strategy. It is very much part of KCR’s plans for KTR’s coronation” a senior leader of the party quipped.

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Gulabi Coolies Fetch Good Amount Of Money For The Party

Working as a coolies to make money to be spent on TRS plenary is an idea that is yielding good money. KTR sold ice cream and Kavitha participated in sari business.

Hyderabad: While people are fighting hard to find work and get a decent pay even as a coolie, the TRS leaders are earning lakhs of rupees just by working for an hour or two as ‘coolie’. The two-day coolie programme conceived by the party is raining money. The money is being raised to meet the expenses of TRS Plenary to be held soon. Recently, IT Minister and son of Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao earned around seven and a half lakhs just by selling ice-cream and Tea.

Inspired her brother KTR, Nizamabad MP and daughter of KCR, Kavitha, sold saries in a shopping mall standing at the counter.  The TRS leaders who became a sales woman had consumers who bought the sarees offering huge amounts.  It is being said that Kavitha too earned seven lakhs like her brother.

Other leaders are also turning into coolies in places they have held and are earning good amounts for the party. Chief Minister KCR is scheduled to work as a coolie this week.

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Dynasty Politics: After All Ability Matters

While dynasty can help elevate the heirs to the throne, it is ultimately their ability that helps them retain it.

Hyderabad: The stage is being set by the chief ministers of both Telugu States to project their sons as their successors. While in Telangana there seems to be a clarity in the ruling party that Chief Minister K Chandra Sekhar Rao’s (KCR)son K Taraka Rama Rao(KTR) is going to be the next chief minister if the party comes to power, in Andhra Pradesh, CM Nara Chandrababu Naidu recently elevated his son as a minister. Naidu is sure to follow his Telangana counterpart soon.

Though India is a democracy and every leader speaks about the democratic values that need to be protected, it’s an irony that most of the regional parties which flayed Congress party for dynasty politics are emulating it. From Karunanidhi to KCR or Naidu, it is the family that comes first. It is widely reported after 2014 general elections that 22 per cent of MPs elected had the dynastic background.  The situation in the States is no different. The popular regional parties are promoting their sons or daughters as their successors.  Though there had been people who worked for the party from its formation and become right hand  to the party supremo, only sons or daughters are preferred by the leader. There are few exceptions to this rule.

Coming to the Telugu States, how well these young leaders are going to perform as chief ministers?  While KCR without having any political background moulded himself into a tall leader, Naidu had his father-in-law who launched a party, TDP, for Naidu to take over. But, both worked hard to be where they are today.  Each one of them is a novice in politics. Whilst KTR appeared on the political arena during the Telangana Movement led by his father a few years ago, Nara Lokesh who has just stepped in was given heavy portfolios like Rural Development and Panchayati Raj.

The one glaring difference between the two young leaders is that while KTR was directly elected by people, Nara Lokesh was elected in an indirect election, by MLAs. KTR proved himself during the municipal polls in Hyderabad, Lokesh is yet to prove his mettle. Oratory comes easily to KTR, while Lokesh needs more experience in addressing the masses. Telangana has all the resources and is already a surplus State, but Andhra Pradesh needs to be developed and moulded. The Centre might help in providing the resources but spending them wisely needs experience. Above all, in Telangana, the opposition is very weak without  a strong leader. The case of Andhra Pradesh is different; the president of YSR Congress party has already made a mark despite the ruling party dubbing him as corrupt.

The rising of sons in politics is nothing new in India after independence. Probably our strong family values blind us to this phenomenon and accept it as something natural. With all the publicity, Akhilesh Yadav, son of Mulayam lost the elections recently. He was a beginner when he was made the chief minister. He could not make a mark and people rejected him. All said and done, ability to deliver on the promises made matters to the public.  Only an able leader can fulfil the promises made. Only he can win the confidence of the people. There are no short cuts in politics.

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KTR All Praise For CM’s Unique Welfare Programmes For Poor

Praising Kavita for her oratorical skills in Parliament, KTR said both of them got talking skills from people through statehood movement and not by his father as it was stated by one of the Union ministers.

Hyderabad: Municipal administration minister KT Rama Rao on Wednesday said his father K Chandrasekhar Rao was a Chief Minister with large heart and implementing various welfare schemes by spending a lot of funds and making Telangana an ideal State in the country.

Participating in TRS’ Janahitha programme in Armoor of Nizamabad district along with Agriculture Minister Pocharam Srinivas Reddy, local MP Kavita, advisor to Govt D Srinivas, Bibi Patil, MLA Jeevan Reddy and others, KTR said the KCR Government disproved former chief minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy’s remarks that Telangana statehood will create power problem and face Naxalite menace.

KTR also accused the previous Congress and TD governments of totally ignoring the plight of the poor, deprived classes, agriculture and irrigation sectors. The Congress ruled for 55 years and did not bother about welfare of the poor and the TD remain extinct in Telangana as the people stood solidly behind the TRS for his unprecedented welfare and developmental programmes, he said.

Announcing Rs 1,000 crore for development of Nizamabad district, which is an ideal in agriculture as well as for its role in statehood movement, KTR said they successfully overcame power crisis and giving nine-hour power to agriculture and offering fine rice to hostels, which was not in TRS manifesto.

KCR government, just in 33 months, has come up with various welfares schemes and Rs 1,000 is being offered towards pension to wipe tears of poor by spending Rs 5,300 crore by extending pensions to 40 lakh people from 29 lakh.

Chief ministers of other states have been asking their officials to study and replicate the welfare schemes of Telangana government. The State government has come up with “Amma Vodi” scheme and offering money to women for child delivery in the hospitals besides offering KCR kit with 13 items for mother and child.

Praising Kavita for her oratorical skills in Parliament, KTR said both of them got talking skills from people through statehood movement and not by his father as it was stated by one of the Union ministers.

“We have kept the crop loan waiver promise, which is being replicated in Uttar Pradesh as Chief Minister Adithyanath Yogi was waiving off Rs 36,000 crore farm loans besides introducing anti-Romeo squads on the lines of Telangana’s “SHE” teams”, he pointed out.

Speaking on the occasion, Kavita said KTR was not only brother to her, but also to all women in the State. She requested the Municipal Administration Minister (KTR) to sanction Rs 350 crore for development of all municipalities. Though several parties sprouted in recent times, only TRS got people’s support solidly and attributed it to growing membership.

Pocharam Srinivas Reddy said while Chief Minister KCR was implementing many welfare schemes for the people, KTR is a pearl in the Telangana Cabinet. He also said MP Kavita’s efforts fructified in getting Nizamabad-Peddapalli Railway line and Kaleshwaram project will be completed in 18 months, he added

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KCR To Pass On The Baton To KTR

The way Kalvakuntla Taraka Rama Rao (KTR), Telangana Minister of IT and Municipal Administration has been aggressively going about his ministerial as well as party work

Hyderabad: The way Kalvakuntla Taraka Rama Rao (KTR), Telangana Minister of IT and Municipal Administration has been aggressively going about his ministerial as well as party work, it appears as though it is a matter of time before he takes over from his father.

Of late, KTR is seen addressing party men at places other than his constituency. After T Harish Rao, Minister for Irrigation, was persuaded by Radha Krishna, the owner of ABN-Andhra Jyothy and a close friend of Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao (KCR), to say, in a live interview, that he would have no objection to work with KTR as Chief Minister, the passing of the mantle to KTR appears to be a mere formality. The interview that Harish Rao gave to the channel was contrived and planned so as to commit, Harish, KCR’s nephew, in case KTR is elevated sooner than letter.

That KTR is the natural successor to KCR has been established beyond doubt by the top most importance given to him by way of weighty portfolios and the extraordinary visibility in the media. KTR, on his part, has been behaving in a dignified manner without throwing his weight around. He has brushed aside the talk of his becoming the Chief Minister. The party cadres are, by now, mentally prepared to accept KTR as their future leader.

Elaborate arrangements are being made for party’s plenary in Hyderabad on April 21. A massive public meeting is planned at Warangal on June 6, Telangana Formation Day. KCR may make a major announcement or give a clear indication at one of the meetings. KTR may be anointed, to start with, as party’s working president, a prelude to taking over reins of the government.

It is interesting to watch how Harish Rao would react to the announcement that if and when made by the Chief Minister. Harish is a senior and more accomplished politician among the two young leaders. He has organisational strength and spends all his time for the party work and administration. KTR, on the other hand, prefers some private time for himself. He is a better speaker in English, Telugu and Urdu. As both are KCR’s close relatives and equally and eminently eligible to take over from him, the choice is certainly difficult to make. After a lot of dithering, KCR has apparently decided to hand over power to his son a la Mulayam Singh Yadav. Mulayam also has a loving younger brother , Shivpal Yadav, who is an organisation man like Harish. He has opted, soon after 2012 elections, to make his son, Akhilesh, who like KTR, is well behaved and foreign educated, the Chief Minister of UP.

It is to be seen if KCR will wait till 2019 election and then give the baton to his son or formalise KTR’s leadership of the party and government before the elections so that he can lead the charge in electoral battles.

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Youth writes To KTR To Launch TRS In AP

Hyderabad/Amaravati: In a pleasant surprise, a youth from Andhra Pradesh, in a tweet, urged Telangana IT Minister K T Ramarao to launch TRS in Andhra Pradesh as he was vexed with the existing political leaders in that State.

Stating that he doesn’t like the TD government in AP, the youth urged KTR to launch TRS unit in AP. “We are eagerly waiting for development”, he tweeted.

The youth also praised KTR saying that the TRS governance in Telangana was far better than TD government in AP.

“Sir KTR, we are disgusted and disillusioned with political leaders in AP. Please start your party in AP also. Not only in TS, we are waiting 4u”, the youth tweeted.

“Curiously responding to the request of the youth from AP,” KTR said he was immersed in the developmental works and the TRS government was striving to fulfil promises made to the people.

KTR thanked the Andhra youth for recognising the TRS government’s performance. “We have more than enough to do in Telangana brother. Thanks for the kind comments though,” KTR tweeted.

Similarly, several netizens responded on KTR’s tweet from both the Telangana and AP states. Some Andhra people opined that there was a need to spread the TRS to AP State. Telangana netizens praised KTR’s answer to the Andhra youth.

It may be recalled that several people erected flexes in Tirupati for welcoming Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao when the latter visited the holy city for a darshan of Lord Sri Venkateswara, few months ago. Some enthusiastic people in AP had erected flexes at important places during KCR’s birthday celebrations.

It may be recalled that KTR had made a statement in a lighter vein during GHMC elections that he would contest from Bhimavaram constituency

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KTR Inaugurates Go-Karting At Gurramguda Near LB Nagar

Hyderabad: Minister for IT and Industries KT Ramarao on Monday launched Go-Karting, a car racing centre at Gurramguda near LB Nagar on the outskirts of the city. KTR personally took a test drive on the occasion in presence of TRS leaders MP Konda Visweswar Reddy, MLA Teegala Krishna Reddy and others.

Speaking on the occasion, KTR said the TRS government was making persistent efforts to make Hyderabad a global city and the Go-Karting will add another feather to its cap.

“With his vision to make Hyderabad a world class city, Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao was embarking on new plans and earmarked huge funds for providing facilities and infrastructure in the city,” he noted.

The new industrial policy of the TRS Government was being emulated by other states and has fetched investments from global giants, top-notch companies and many others are trying to foray into Hyderabad to set up their shops and business, the IT Minister stated.

“Still we are trying to improve the roads, connectivity, metro rail, infrastructure and ring roads to provide ample scope for easy travel”. The minister also participated in some developmental programmes in the city on Monday.

Earlier in the day, KTR launched Kairose Global School at Khajaguda near Chitrapuri Hills. He also made a visit to Neknampur lake and spoke to locals and sought to know about their problems

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Lokesh Emulates KTR, Gets Same Portfolios

Amaravati: Scenario looks to be similar for both Telugu state CMs’ sons in their ministries. Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao’s son K Tarakarama Rao was holding the Panchayat Raj ministry along with IT.

Now AP CM N Chandrababu Naidu is following the footsteps of his counterpart by announcing the same ministries to his son Nara Lokesh, who was inducted into Cabinet a day before.

It is well aware that Panchayat Raj ministry will be getting more funds from Centre and at the same time both states are competing with each other to pull IT investors. Now the competition will be in between these two youngsters in attracting investments to their respective states.

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Crime Rate Dips in TS, says KTR

Hyderabad: IT Minister KT Rama Rao said on Tuesday that the crime rate has come down drastically after the formation of Telangana State.

Launching “Crime and Criminal Tracking Networking System” project at DGP office here along with Home Minister Nayani Narasimha Reddy and DGP Anurag Sharma here on Tuesday, the IT Minister said there was misinformation campaign that statehood would lead to law and problem. However, the TRS Government has taken every step to overcome the problem and disproved that such a problem persists, he claimed.

“Any State will get investments in a big way when law and order was under control”, he said, adding that Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao was giving top priority for the same. He appreciated Telangana police for creating confidence among people and working as per the CM’s expectations to maintain law and order to prevail peace and tranquillity.

Technology is useful for expediting the works in various departments and 12 lakh people downloaded RTA M-Valet application, KTR said. He also appreciated the SHE Teams for bringing laurels to the State government by their hard work. 


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2BHK Apartments To Change The Lives Of Poor People

Hyderabad: The TRS government has stated that the poor peoples’ life will be changed qualitatively with the double bed room scheme.

Ministers KT Ramarao, Indrakaran Reddy and Mahender Reddy participated in a review meeting on double bed room scheme held at Metro Rail Bhavan in Begumpet here on Tuesday. The Collectors from Ranga Reddy, Hyderabad and Medchal, twin cities MLAs, Housing department and GHMC officials participated in the meeting.

Speaking to media later, KTR said the government has given several exemptions to the builders. Several companies were coming forward to construct 2BHK houses after MLAs spoke directly with the working agencies. He said the government aimed to launch the construction of one lakh houses and they will be completed by the next financial year.

He said already tender process was completed for 16,562 houses and works grounded at several places. The government was inviting tenders for another 16,000 houses and permission will be taken to invite tenders at that time for remaining 70,000 houses.

KTR said the construction of houses will be supervised directly and he would lay the foundation stones soon along with the ministers at several places. He asked the City MLAs to show interest in finding the vacant place for the construction of 2BHK houses. The MLAs have to see that they have to create awareness among the slum dwellers to construct the double bed room houses in their areas.

He asked the Housing Minister Indrakaran Reddy to set up Project Management Unit in Hyderabad, especially for housing.

Indrakaran Reddy said his department would extend full cooperation for the construction of double bed room houses in the city. He directed the housing department officials to convene a special meeting with the GHMC officials in this regard.

The minister exuded confidence that the department would fulfill the CM’s direction of construction of one lakh houses. The department would speed up the process of construction of 2BHK houses in the districts besides city.

KT Rama Rao asked the Housing Minister to include the clause in the 2BHK housing scheme that the beneficiaries should not sell their houses. “If there was no such clause, the expected quality change will not take place in the lives of poor people”, he said, adding change was possible in the lives of poor people only when they live in 2BHK houses constructed by the State government and then only significance will come to the aim of the government. 


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Minister Sore Over Delay In Water Works

Hyderabad: Expressing ire over the delay in Integrated Water Supply Scheme taken up under JNNRUM in Rajendra Nagar circle, Municipal Administration Minister KT Rama Rao directed the Metro Water Works MD to give a comprehensive report as to why the delay for seven long years in implementing the scheme and asked the officials to initiate action against those responsible for it.

The minister held a review meeting on pipeline works and projects construction by Metro Water Works under the limits of Twin Cities. The city MLAs, officials and working agencies participated in the review meeting and discussed on water supply and the progress of the project works.

The Minister directed the officials to give the map of the Basthies located constituency-wise to be supplied water to the MLAs. He said the maps should have details of the project-wise works, expenditure and when the projects would be completed.

The Minister also directed the officials to take responsibility of supplying water to all areas inside the Outer Ring Road by enhancing the Metro Water Works limit. He asked the officials to go ahead in coordination with the Ranga Reddy district Collector to see that there won’t be any problem in supplying drinking water during this summer. He said that the Metro Water Works have to use adequate water tanks for the same.

He also suggested to the officials to take all precautionary measures when other department’s project works take place particularly Metro Water Works department has to restore the roads immediately where the digging works were taking place for the sake of pipelines.

The officials have to lay the white tapping roads where the departments dig the entire road for the sake of pipelines. He made it clear that severe action will be initiated against those responsible for any accident by filing criminal cases. 


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Complete Targets In Development Works, Get Special Funds: KTR

Hyderabad: Municipal Administration and Urban Development Minister KT Rama Rao on Monday announced special funds to those civic bodies which achieved targets in completing development works.

At a review meeting along with Minister T Harish Rao, Deputy Speaker Padma Devender Reddy, MLAs, MPs of Sanga Reddy, Medak and Siddhipet districts and officials he said that plans are being prepared to encourage the civic bodies to focus on development works.

The meeting discussed on development works, LED fixing, open defecation, sanitation, roads, drinking water and others.

KTR asked the officials to come up with new master plans to get adequate funds. The government will provide funds for facilities and infrastructure are given priority including roads, street lights, solid waste management and supply of drinking water during summer.

The municipalities have to take the responsibility to overcome the shortage of drinking water, he said and asked finance secretary Navin Mittal to give free hand to local bodies and directions to commissioners to make use of funds for the purpose.

He also said that funds will be spent for repair of old bores and not for digging new borewells. The flagship programme of Mission Bhagiratha will cater to the needs of people next year, he said. The civic officials should spend funds for supply of drinking water and achieving target of constructing 100 per cent of individual toilets and overcome the problem of open defecation, KTR added.

Those civic bodies, which perform well, will get more funds and incentives. He expressed displeasure over the officials for poor collection of taxes. Stating that there will be no waiver of fine for failing to pay taxes from this year, KTR asked the officials to focus on the issue to collect adequate taxes and spend the funds for development. (NSS)

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KTR Sure Of TRS Retaining Power

Hyderabad: Minister for IT and Industries KT Rama Rao said on Saturday that the TRS will sweep the 2019 elections and retain power as it enjoys support of the people.

Interacting with media persons at Assembly lobbies, KTR asserted that the State government was not only keeping all its manifesto promises but also implementing many other welfare schemes. The schemes introduced by Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao had created confidence among people, who will support the TRS to retain power in 2019 elections, he opined. However, he slammed the BJP for staging protest on providing reservations to Muslims minorities.

KTR flayed that the BJP was trying to create controversy on reservations only for political gains. According to Sachar Committee, the government plans to provide reservations to Muslims based on backwardness and not on religion or community basis, he clarified.

Since the State has 90 per cent of backward people, reservations should be proportionate and steps needed for it, he said. He also said the Centre should offer it a chance to increase BC reservations on the lines of Tamil Nadu offering 69 per cent, he said.

As former Chief minister NT Rama Rao had said Centre is void and of no use if it failed to protect the interests of the States which contribute major share of income in terms of taxes, the IT Minister said.

He also slammed the Congress member Komatireddy Venkat Reddy and other Opposition leaders for coming in the way of irrigation projects and developmental works in Telangana.

Congress senior leader T Jeevan Reddy admitted to have filed wrong cases against the irrigation projects whose works are getting delayed. He said the Budget session could conduct meaningful debate in 21 years on various heads and issues.

Though KCR appreciates good works of the previous regime, the Congress leaders are not able to digest development in Telangana now, he added.

Referring to BJP victory in Uttar Pradesh elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has enhanced his image, he said and alleged that the BJP was adopting dual standards on reservations, which was not correct.

The states should have power to take key decisions on such issues to protect the interests of the people, he said and exuded confidence that Assembly segments will be increased by the Centre through delimitation process. The State government was committed to the welfare of poor among Brahmins for whom a Parishat was formed, he said. 


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Conspiracy Alleged In Closure Of Sirpur Paper Mills; KTR Vows Its Revival

Hyderabad: IT and Industries Minister K.T. Rama Rao opined that there was a deep-rooted conspiracy in the closure of Sirpur Paper Mills as the management had pulled down the shutters of the industry within three months after the TRS came to power in Telangana State.

The minister made this observation in the State Assembly during question hour while replying to Opposition members demand for taking immediate steps for the revival of the paper mills on which as many 3,000 workers’ livelihood depended.

KTR pointed out that the management of the paper mills seemed not keen on reopening the mills. As a matter of fact the real problem started after the Poddars had taken over the mills from the Birlas. There seems to be a conspiracy in the management deciding to close down the mills, he quipped.

Expressing anguish and concern over the manner in which 3,000 workers of the mills were forced out of employment by the management in closing down the mills, KTR said that in an effort to ensure justice to the employees, the government had convened a meeting of the bankers on September 24, 2015, to work out a one-time settlement.

The bankers have to respond positively, he observed and reiterated the government’s firm commitment to ensure that the paper mill is revived at the earliest.

As a matter of fact the ITC Company was also approached to take over the paper mills, he explained and assured that the state government would work out all possibilities to get the paper mills reopened at the earliest.

In this regard he also appreciated legislator Koneru Kannappa for is untiring efforts to get the mills reopened. 


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KTR To Congress: It Is Like Devils Quoting Scriptures

Hyderabad: In a scathing attack, IT Minister KT Rama Rao on Friday lambasted the Congress leaders saying they were neck-deep in scams during their previous regime. Their attitude was similar to a cat eating 100 mice and went on spiritual tour.

As part of discussion on demands in Legislative Council on Friday, the Congress alleged that the TRS government filled with corruption. Reacting on it, KTR alleged that the Congress only indulged in schemes and scams and asked the latter to tell as to what it was done to the people in the last 40 years.

He claimed that it was atrocious on the part of the Congress leaders as they were not in a position to digest the development of the state. “The Congress leaders have to extend their support as the state is developing”, he suggested. He said that the state will not develop in case the Congress leaders grown beards, moustaches by sitting in Gandhi Bhavan. 


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TS To Help Strengthen Local Bodies, Says KTR

Hyderabad: IT & Municipal Administration Minister KT Rama Rao on Friday expressed displeasure that the Centre’s decision to send development funds directly to gram panchayats was hampering development of local bodies at district and mandals in middle level.

The Centre has stopped BRGS funds to Zilla Parishats and mandal parishats and giving them to the villages creating problems in district level, he said. Ranga Reddy ZP chairperson Sunitha Reddy and a team of ZPTCs and MLAs called on KTR, Panchayat Raj Minister Jupalli Krishna Rao and Transport Minister P Mahender Reddy at Assembly Committee hall and handed over a memorandum seeking share of funds from mining and stamp duty. “We will strengthen the local bodies at middle level in the zilla parishats and mandals through various schemes, he said.

KTR said it was wrong to think that the state government was denying funds to the districts, which are actually stopped by the Centre. The State government has written a letter to the Centre in this regard seeking funds to districts. The minister felt that more works can be taken up through welfare schemes and flagship programmes such as Mission Bhagiratha and Mission Kakatiya and others instead of relying on the Central funds.

Employment guarantee scheme can be implemented to give employment to people and help them get livelihood and get good name, he said. He also promised to take the issue to the notice of Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao for providing funds to districts and mandals by taking necessary steps.

Krishna Rao said efforts are being made to see that Rs 15 lakh to Rs 20 lakh will be given to the districts and mandals. Works worth Rs 1,000 crore can be taken up under Employment Guarantee Scheme  for roads, sewage canals, link roads, metalling, CC roads and others. If two persons from each home work, this amount will reach Rs 3000 crore with component, he said. KCR was offering huge funds for welfare and employment guarantee schemes, Rao said.

Mahender Reddy said the Chief Minister was giving priority to districts and there was no paucity of funds. “We will apprise KCR about non-receipt of share of funds from the Mining and Stamp Duty to the districts. 


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