KTR All Praise For CM’s Unique Welfare Programmes For Poor

Praising Kavita for her oratorical skills in Parliament, KTR said both of them got talking skills from people through statehood movement and not by his father as it was stated by one of the Union ministers.

Hyderabad: Municipal administration minister KT Rama Rao on Wednesday said his father K Chandrasekhar Rao was a Chief Minister with large heart and implementing various welfare schemes by spending a lot of funds and making Telangana an ideal State in the country.

Participating in TRS’ Janahitha programme in Armoor of Nizamabad district along with Agriculture Minister Pocharam Srinivas Reddy, local MP Kavita, advisor to Govt D Srinivas, Bibi Patil, MLA Jeevan Reddy and others, KTR said the KCR Government disproved former chief minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy’s remarks that Telangana statehood will create power problem and face Naxalite menace.

KTR also accused the previous Congress and TD governments of totally ignoring the plight of the poor, deprived classes, agriculture and irrigation sectors. The Congress ruled for 55 years and did not bother about welfare of the poor and the TD remain extinct in Telangana as the people stood solidly behind the TRS for his unprecedented welfare and developmental programmes, he said.

Announcing Rs 1,000 crore for development of Nizamabad district, which is an ideal in agriculture as well as for its role in statehood movement, KTR said they successfully overcame power crisis and giving nine-hour power to agriculture and offering fine rice to hostels, which was not in TRS manifesto.

KCR government, just in 33 months, has come up with various welfares schemes and Rs 1,000 is being offered towards pension to wipe tears of poor by spending Rs 5,300 crore by extending pensions to 40 lakh people from 29 lakh.

Chief ministers of other states have been asking their officials to study and replicate the welfare schemes of Telangana government. The State government has come up with “Amma Vodi” scheme and offering money to women for child delivery in the hospitals besides offering KCR kit with 13 items for mother and child.

Praising Kavita for her oratorical skills in Parliament, KTR said both of them got talking skills from people through statehood movement and not by his father as it was stated by one of the Union ministers.

“We have kept the crop loan waiver promise, which is being replicated in Uttar Pradesh as Chief Minister Adithyanath Yogi was waiving off Rs 36,000 crore farm loans besides introducing anti-Romeo squads on the lines of Telangana’s “SHE” teams”, he pointed out.

Speaking on the occasion, Kavita said KTR was not only brother to her, but also to all women in the State. She requested the Municipal Administration Minister (KTR) to sanction Rs 350 crore for development of all municipalities. Though several parties sprouted in recent times, only TRS got people’s support solidly and attributed it to growing membership.

Pocharam Srinivas Reddy said while Chief Minister KCR was implementing many welfare schemes for the people, KTR is a pearl in the Telangana Cabinet. He also said MP Kavita’s efforts fructified in getting Nizamabad-Peddapalli Railway line and Kaleshwaram project will be completed in 18 months, he added

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KCR: One And Only CM In India To Work From Home For Months

Here is a chief minister who works from home for months together without being questioned by any constitutional authority.
KCR: One And Only CM In India To Work From Home For Months

Hyderabad: Indian Republic has, in its seven decades of history, one and only cm who works from home for months. It is the first chief minister of the newest State of Telangana, Kalvakuntla Chandrasekhara Rao (KCR).

Chief minister’s of Indian States have unlimited privileges and freedom to select their mode of work, build their own residences and have a standby helicopter, like Andhra Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu does. The prime minister and home minister would not question the CMs. KCR, a staunch believer in Vastu has his own fears about his office at the State Secretariat which he seldom visits. Even before the expensive and luxurious Pragati Bhavan (PB) was built, he was seeing files mostly at his residence near the Camp Office.

After PB was inaugurated, KCR reduced his tours in Telangana to the bare minimum. He organised the visits of the persons whom he wants to interacts with to PB. Even if campaigns have to be launched by the CM, the protagonists have to go to PB and get their programmes inaugurated.

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KCR has a leisurely style of functioning unlike his AP counterpart, Naidu, who hurries from one programme to another and keeps himself busy throughout the day. KCR does not dissipate his time and energy. He knows where the bread is buttered. The topography and demography of Telangana State are known to him as back of his hand. He takes his own time to ponder and plan. He stays at his farmhouse for days together without attending to the routine administrative work. He can bank on his efficient son KTR or nephew Harish Rao to care of the day-to-day administration. If he thinks he would get political mileage by appealing to a vote bank such as Yadav and Kurmi communities, he would spend any amount of money and time to make the communities extremely happy in that particular day.

If he thinks there would be abundant goodwill to be gained by organising State funeral for a reputed poet like Gnyanapeeth awardee Dr C Narayana Reddy, he would be physically present at the funeral till the end and satisfies the innumerable fans of the celebrated poet. If he calculates that there is no political advantage in paying floral tributes to a famous film director like Dasari Narayana Rao, KCR would not care to visit the deceased. His PRO would release a formal condolence message and be done. Narayana Reddy is from Karimnagar district (now Siricilla) in Telangana and he had a legion of followers. Dasari is from West Godavari district in Coastal Andhra and he does not mean much electorally in Telangana although he is more popular than the poet.

KCR is very calculative in choosing his friends and enemies. He fixed Professor Kodandaram as his main adversary at the very outset since he knows he is the second most popular person in Telangana after him. Barring the professor, KCR had rewarded almost every person who contributed to the statehood movement. He went out of the way to cultivate the prime minister with a plan to make his daughter Kavitha a central minister and be a partner in the NDA a la TDP. But when his overtures have not been responded to, he decided to be an adversary of the BJP.

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When BJP’s national president Amit Shah dared to criticise KCR during his Nalgonda sojourn and declared that BJP will come to power in Telangana after 2019 elections, KCR gave Shaw a savage and fitting reply, a moh tod jawab. His reaction was furious unlike the studied silence maintained by Naidu when Shaw spoke in the same vein against the TDP at Vijayawada during the same tour. Then, KCR started aggressively courting the Muslim community what with increase in the percentage of reservations. At the same time, he cannot antagonise Prime Minister Narendra Modi who can make use of CBI, Income Tax Department and Enforcement Directorate since the chief minister reportedly has his own warts to hide.

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The chief minister who calls all the shots in his State is now in Delhi for a week. He can efforts that luxury since he need not read files and his oral instructions over phone are obeyed without question.

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KCR Says Muslim Bill Has Modi’s Approval

CM KCR speaking after laying foundation stone for Anees-Ul-Gurbha at Nampally, said that Muslim reservation bill has PM Modi’s support.

Hyderabad: As per Telangana CM KCR, bill passed by assembly for increasing jobs and education for backward sections of Muslim community to 12 percent will be sent to centre.

He said that he had a word with PM Modi on the promise TRS made during election campaign about the reservations for Muslims. PM Modi asked to send it and promised to look into it positively, KCR further said.

“If Delhi does not give positive signal for this, we will not sit quiet and will fight, this is our right,” KCR added

Telangana Assembly passed the Bill two months back, in its special session, increasing the percentage of reservations to tribal’s and Muslims to 10 and 12 respectively.

KCR has emerged as a protagonist of development of Muslims and a subtle critic of the BJP and its policies towards minorities.

Chief Minister KCR has said he had addressed 107 election meetings in 2014 and spoke about the promise to increase the quota of reservations for tribals and Muslims. He said TRS had fought the elections alone without any alliance and formed the Government after winning the elections. KCR said he is only implementing the election promise which has to be appreciate.

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What About Sending Naidu To Jail: Congress Questions KCR

Telangana Congress Party dared Irrigation Minister Harish Rao to reveal the names of their leaders involved in the land scam.

Hyderabad: Congress leaders of Telangana challenged Irrigation Minister Harish Rao to reveal the names of their party leaders who are involved in the land scams if they have guts.

We are not frightened and we welcome the move if Government really takes strict action against the culprits who are involved in the land scam, including congress leaders, Shabbir Ali Said.

KCR only throws challenges with the statements but no action is seen further. What about Eamcet leakages and Nayeemudiin cases. Until now there ws no action taken, Shabbir questioned.

He also reminded KCR’s statement about AP CM Naidu that Even Lord Brahma can’t save Naidu from going to jail in Vote Note scam.

It is better for KCR to stop such political statements and act instead, they felt.

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Kodandaram To Attack KCR With Rallies

KCR will face tough time in coming days in the form of Kodandaram who is planning Telangana Yatra which will start on 21st of this month.

Hyderabad: It looks as though the time has come for KCR to brace for a war of attrition with just two years left for next elections. The TRS may face difficult times if the yatra planned by TJAC chairman Prof Kodandaram creates fireworks. The professor appears to have worked out a perfect strategy to highlight false promises made by KCR during T statehood agitation and during the subsequent elections.

AS a mark of remembering martyrs who sacrificed their lives for T statehood, Kodandaram will start state-wide yatra which will take place between June 21st to 24th as per sources.

This peak agitation against KCR’s government will start from Sanga Reddy and end at Siddipeta. Kodandaram’s main agenda will be jobs for unemployment youth and prevention of farmers’ suicides. He will also question Government about the land scams by TRS party leaders and he will also dilate on corruption.

KCR, who is rattled by Kodandaram will definitely try to suppress the yatra which he did previously during agitation of Dharna Chowk.

KCR knows that Kodandaram is a fighter and his image is intact. It was Kodandaram who took the statehood movement to the final stage after the Centre went back on its decision to concede the demand for a separate state. The decision to divide Andhra Pradesh was announced by P Chidambaram, the then Home Minister on 9 December 2009. After the Congress and TDP MPs and MLAs from Andhra region resigned en masse the Centre had developed cold feet. KCR went back into the silent mode. It was Kodandaram who took up the reins and took the movement to a different level. Of course it was KCR who anointed Kodandaram as president of the Joint Action Committee. The fight entered the last phase. TRS participated in some programmes and kept away from some others. But all the programmes of the movement were decided and executed by Kodandram, Mallepalli Laxmaiah and others.

So, KCR knows that Kodandaram remains the second most popular leader after himself. Kodandaram is not an orator like KCR. He is not politically talented like the chief minister. In the back of KCR’s mind there might be a lurking fear that the professor may become more popular if he was allowed to build a movement against the government. That is perhaps the reason why everyone who was close to Kodandaram has been weaned away by offering positions. Those who got positions because of KCR are more than willing to heap abuses and insults on their master’s bête noire. That has been creating sympathy for the professor which may cause loss of popularity of the chief minister. Add to Kodandaram the leaders of opposition parties who are willing to accept his leadership and work with him. If Kodandaram takes away some of those who were involved in statehood movement and have not been rewarded by the government and the BJP cuts into the BC support base by highlighting KCR’s decision to give 22 percent reservations to Muslims, TRS will be weakened to that extent. That fear might force KCR to use more force than necessary against his opponents.

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Miyapur Landscam: CM KCR On Back Foot

Names of TRS MPs involved in the land scams are pushing CM KCR in to the back foot irrespective of the super confidence he has exhibited all these three years.

Hyderabad: One bizarre incident is enough to stump a mighty party. Even without a powerful opposition, the all powerful Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) appears to have developed cold feet thanks to Miyapur land scam. CM KCR seemed to be on a back foot after names involved in the scams happened to be related to MPs of TRS.

One of the biggest land scams in Telangana history, Miyapur land scam, looks to be defaming the ruling party. KCR tried to shrug it off by saying that there is no need of CBI enquiry and all is well.

But after MP Keshava Rao’s name came out in the scam related to Ibrahimpatnam assigned land, today another name which is close to KCR broke out for which KCR has to answer.

It is none other than the name of another Rajya Sabha Member Dharmapuri Srinivas who allegedly got four acres of assigned land in Girmapur near Medchal. DS was PCC chief twice and later joined TRS and was awarded with Rajya Sabha seat.

The land grabbing incident reportedly took place after he became MP and for this the TRS Government should answer without giving any arrogant reply like, ” There is no loss of even a rupee to the Government and not a single yard of land has been occupied. So, there is no need for any inquiry.”

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Miyapur Land Scam: BJP Flays KCR

BJP questioned KCR’s silence on land scam when there is evidence against Deputy CM who transferred 50 crore worth of lands through a benami transaction.

Hyderabad: Telangana CM KCR was silent on the land scam of Miyapur which was unearthed 10 days ago. Opposition party BJP flayed KCR for his silence and asked him to explain the Government’s stand on the scam which is the largest in The country. The BJP came down on KCR for his outburst against Amit Shah who said that funds of Central Government were not used properly by TRS Government.

BJP’s spokesperson Krishna sagar Rao said that it is unnatural silence on the part of CM on such serious allegations are levelled against the Government. While speaking to media, Krishna Sagar further said that government should further explain and clarify the situation. It was a surprise to see the delay in replacing deputy CM whose name was involved in the scam and he should order CBI enquiry as early as possible, Sagar said.

CM should also explain the nature of his relationship with fugitive from USA and full blow scamster like Gold Stone Prasad, Sagar said.

The Miyapur land scam is a big black mark on Telangana Government after it formed the government 3 years ago. The scam took place in heart of the city of Hyderabad. TJAC chairman M Kodandaram appealed to KCR’s Government to order CBI enquiry on the scam. But KCR’s silence led the officers of GHMC to imagine that TRS leaders are involved in the scam.

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KCR Will Be CM, TDP Will Rule: Slip Of Tongue By Home Minister

Telangana Home Minister Nayana Narasimha Reddy has said by mistake that the TDP will in power in Telangana for ten years. It was a slip of tongue and he corrected himself immediately.

Hyderabad: It is common for political leaders to have slip of tongue in a flow when addressing media. Same thing happened in Telangana state when Home Minister Nayani Narasimha Reddy had a press meet on Monday. Yes, he did it again, this time by saying TDP will rule Telangana for 10 years. Surprise! Don’t worry, it is a slip of tongue by HM, instead of saying TRS will rule , he uttered TDP.

In a flow, HM Nayini said that KCR will be CM for Telangana and TDP will rule the state. He immediately came to know that he committed a mistake and rectified the statement that TRS will rule.

He further said that Rahul Gandhi’s tour will not impact TRS and it will not gain power as it expected. Even if Sonia Gandhi tours Telangana, there will be no impact on the result in 2019 elections, And surely TRS will emerge as winner, Nayani felt.

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CM Distributes KCR Kits

Telangana Chief Minister KCR has launched the distribution of KCR kits with six women who delivered recently at Government maternity hospital receiving the kits from him.

Hyderabad:  Since the services in the government hospitals are improving, the demand for services is increasing, opined Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao (KCR).  As part of three years of Telangana Statehood celebrations, he launched KCR Kits distribution programme at Government Maternity Hospital in Petlaburj, on Saturday. The Kits were distributed to six women, who very recently delivered at the hospital.

“This is dense area and poor people live here and hence there will be a demand to make use of the hospital facility when needed. With Shortage of beds and with an increase in demand it is struggling like a war. One should thank the doctors for allowing extra patients over and above bed strength,” he observed.

Against bed strength of 462 in this hospital the demand is for over 700 which is a proof of its good work and very good name, he said.

“We are doing service to humanity. Still, sometimes media carry negative news particularly with reference to non-availability of beds. Probably a public relation exercise may undo this sort of negative publicity,” the CM suggested.

Earlier CM visited photo exhibition and inspected ultrasound centre, emergency ward, general wards, the stabilisation centre for the complicated case, the recovery room and other facilities in the hospital.

The CM is accompanied by Union Minister Bandaru Dattatreya, Deputy Chief Minister Mehmood Ali, Ministers Naini Narasimha Reddy, Laxmareddy, MLA Khadri, Chief Secretary SP Singh, Health Secretary Rajeshwar Tiwari, Commissioner family welfare Karuna among others.

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Its All TRS, KCR’s Survey For 2019 Indicates

There will be no seat for BJP in 2019 elections as per KCR’s personal survey.

Hyderabad: A survey conducted at the behest of CM KCR predicts that BJP will not get a single seat in 2019 elections and opposition Congress will be restricted only to two seats.

Surprisingly, the ruling TRS will get 111 seats and the AIMIM will get 6 seats if elections are held now or in 2019. This which announced during TRS legislator’s meet on Saturday.

This is far more than 2014 elections in which TRS was limited to 63 seats , Congress 26 seats and BJP only 5.

The announcement of the survey results came immediately after BJP national President Amit Shah visited Telangana and expressed confidence that the BJP will come to power in next elections.

After Shah’s visit, there was exchange of allegations between BJP and TRS particularly on the funds allocated by the Centre to Telangana.

KCR criticised Shah by saying that he is Bhramit Shah and should apologise tonTelangana people for false claims.

They also discussed about the impact of Amit Shah’s visit and the proposed visit of Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi next month.

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Digvijay’s Tweet Angers Telangana

Digvijay Singh’s tweets about bogus ISIS sites have stirred up a row with the TRS.

Hyderabad: AICC senior and Telangana In-Charge Digvijay Singh’s tweet on Chief minister K Chandrashekhar Rao has stirred up a row with the young Minister KT Rama Rao frowning upon him and demanding an apology.

The former chief minister of undivided Madhya Pradesh, Digvijay Singh tweeted in the following way:

“Telangana police has set up a bogus ISIS site which is radicalizing Muslim Youths and encouraging them to become ISIS module. The issue is whether Telangana Police should be trapping Muslim Youths in becoming ISIS modules by posting inflammatory information? Is It Ethical? Is it Moral? Has KCR authorised Telangana Police to trap Muslim youths and encourage them to join ISIS?”

These tweets have angered the TRS Government deeply. It couldn’t fathom the basis for Digvijay’s remarks of bogus ISIS sites.

Rebutting the charge immediately, KTR tweeted, “Most irresponsible and reprehensible thing coming from a former CM. Request you to withdraw these comments unconditionally or provide evidence.”

Even the DGP of Telangana Anurag Sharma has condemned the charge made by Divijay Singh. He said, “Unfounded allegations from a senior responsible leader will lower the morale and image of the Police engaged in fighting anti-national forces.”

The TRS cadre has also taken exception to the accusation leveled by Digvijay Singh. Maganti Gopinath, TRS MLA lodged a complaint against the senior congress leader at Jubilee Hills Police Station.

“Mr. Digvijay’s irresponsible statement can create social unrest. Hyderabad is peaceful and Diggy’s words are aimed at creating trouble. He should be dealt with under the law.” the MLA stated in his complaint.

Congress seem to be unable to digest the pungent criticism made by KCR in his recent public meet at Warangal, where he branded the Congress leaders as imbecile, brainless duds.

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KCR In Top Political Gear At Warangal Meet

KCR went ballistic at the Congress and the TDP in his address at Warangal meet but kept mum on the BJP.

Warangal: Launching a scathing attack on Congress, narrating the various welfare measures targeting BC vote bank and seeking another five-year mandate to rule were the highlights of the speech of TRS supremo and Chief minister K Chandrasekhara Rao at the well-attended public meeting at Warangal on Thursday.

In his first mammoth public meeting after the plenary of the party, he went ballistic in full political gear and urged people to look at the various schemes undertaken by him since the formation of the State and stressed the need for continuation of ‘TRS rule’ for continuation of the ‘development process’.

KCR appeared fully in poll mode as each and every word of his speech has indicated it. He targeted every section of the society, BCs and farmers mostly, and asked them to vote for his party again in 2019 Assembly polls.

Coming down heavily on the main opposition party, the Congress, he said, ‘but for their inaction and laxity as well as corrupt practices, Telangana would not have remain under-developed and wept for decades. Had there been no Congress and TDP’s misrule, I would not have called for separate statehood’.

Lambasting former chief ministers, Mr Rao said, “Congressmen are numbskulled persons, morons. Earlier, YS Rajasekhara Reddy stated in Assembly that he is not a stumbling to the formation of Telangana and every congress leader has received benefits from him. Another CM, Mr Kiran Kumar Reddy bluntly told Harish Rao and Eetela Rajender that he will not give even a single pie to Telangana region. None of our Congress leaders could resign in protest. TRS on the otherhand, threwaway resignation letters umpteen times. TRS is not after power. Telangana has been in distress because of Congress. This prolonged agony will not end overnight and we have to strive hard to wipe it out and achieve Golden Telangana.” KCR took potshots against Uttam Kumar Reddy, TPCC Chief, who has taken a vow to sport beard till TRS is defeated, K Narayana who said he would chop off his ear if TRS wins the local body elections. Chief minister expressed confidence that his party would romp home in 2019 too.

But, interestingly, KCR kept silent on BJP although he is well aware of the fact that the saffron party is desparate to penetrate into Telangana. Perhaps keeping in mind the future political scenario, he was mum on BJP. It might be recalled that many surveys have already predicted that BJP will emerge victorious in 2019 General Elections as well. If it were true, Telangana government would have to maintain a cordial relationship with the Centre.

KCR did not forget to invoke the name of party ideologue Prof Jayashankar who is no more. Paying rich tributes to the visionary, Mr Rao said had Jayashankar been alive, he would have been extremely happy after seeing this pace of development.

Mr Rao’s strategy is clear. He would go on a development plank for the ensuing Assembly polls. Branding his usual assault on Congress and TDP stating them as the successors of united AP’s ‘misrule’, he will seek votes again for a second term. Obviously, the huge gathering has cheered TRS leadership which is planning to hold some more big public meetings in the months to come.

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KCR Leaves For Delhi With A Host Of Issues

The CM is likely to take up many sensitive issues, enhancement of reservations tp Muslims and STs being one of them.

Hyderabad:  After attending the plenary of Telangana Rashtra Samiti on Friday, Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao left for Delhi a day before NITI- Aayog meeting.  It is learnt that he was carrying a list of issues he wanted to take up with central government.  There was news that he would be meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi too, to ask for his intervention in some of his pet projects. Primarily, his intention is also to solve the enhancement of quota to Muslims and STs’ which the BJP State unit has been vehemently opposing.

The State officials prepared detailed note on these issues. The main issue the CM would be taking up with PM Modi is forest and environmental clearances for the Kaleshwaram and Palameru- Rangareddy lift irrigation projects, said official sources.

Addressing TRS plenary on Friday, Rao stressing on agriculture and farmers problems noted that he would demand for linking of NREGS to agriculture related works in the country. However, he is likely put this demand before NITI-Ayog strongly, as the party passed a resolution urging the Centre for the same.

President’s assent for the Telangana Land Acquisition Bill is one of the issues that Rao is going to take up when he meets PM and likely to seek his intervention. The Bill passed by the State Legislatvie Assembly was sent to Centre for President’s assent.

“The bill which has been cleared by Home Ministry, is presently pending with Ministry of Law and once CM takes it up with the PM, the Centre will approve and send it to the President,” an official revealed.

The CM is also expected to ask for liberal funding to Mission Kakatiya and Mission Bhagiratha, as NITI- Aayog already recommended funding for the two flag ship programmes of the State government.  However, the Union ministry did not sanction funds till day.

He is would also explain in the meeting the State’s decision to deposit Rs 4,000 into farmers accounts and start a discussion on the issue.

As reservations have become a prickly issue, the CM is likely to request the government to give liberty to State governments to enhance the quota as per local needs.


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KCR Sounds Poll Bugle, Makes Free Fertilizer Major Slogan In Plenary

Doling out ₹ 4,000 per acre for farmers is going to be a major campaigning point in 2019 elections for KCR

Hyderabad: Riding on a popular support for his rule, Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao (KCR) has sounded bugle for the 2019 general elections by making a strong plea to support him in the making of stronger, richer Telangana. Speaking at the 11th plenary session of TRS on Friday at Kompally in the city outskirts, he said the new state has already earned a name of traversing on a growth trajectory and he is confident of making it richer on all fronts.

Stating that farmer in the state should become king in Telangana, KCR dwelt at length on his new scheme of providing Rs 4,000/ to all the ryots in the state from the next financial year – made it amply clear that it is going to be one of his major poll slogans.

Besides narrating a slew of welfare measures targeting all sections of the society,especially the BCs and the down-trodden, he added some more attractive features to the fertilizers scheme. “This Rs 4,000/ is not just for fertilizers. It can be used for anything. The farmers can buy fertilizers, pesticides, seeds , manures or ordure etc. This Rs 4000/ is only for one crop. The farmers can get another Rs 4000/ for summer crops too. This means they will get financial support twice a year. There are no restrictions. Just as we supply power free of costs to all the agricultural fields, just as loan waiver was extended to all farmers, free fertilizer scheme is also applicable to all ryots- big , medium, small and marginal farmers. In fact in Telangana majority of the farmers are having a field less than 2.5 acres (62%), where as 25 percent of ryots have nearly ten acres. “I promise you that this will continue till you sustain yourself,” KCR announced amidst continuous applause from the delegates.

The plenary has accepted a resolution put forward by Mr Rao urging the Centre to make MNAREGA scheme to be interlinked with agriculture sector. ” I am going to tell the Union government when I go to Delhi on April 23 to participate in the NIti Ayog meeting, ” he said.

KCR has also chanted welfare mantra and outlined all his recent promises targeting vulnerable sections of the society. He has also indicated that some more sops are also in the offing.

Lacing his speech with barbs against the rulers of United AP, KCR pooh-poohed congress’ claim that free fertilizers scheme was a copy of their slogans. Congress has made itself a laughing stock with this statement, he remarked.

Doling out ₹ 4,000 per acre for farmers is going to be a major campaigning point in 2019 elections for KCR

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KCR Re-Elected As President Of TRS

this journey will continue and the party will remain forever in the hearts of five crore Telangana people in the decades to come” Mr Rao stated.

Hyderabad: There is no signal as such on change of guard and Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao was today unanimously re-elected as the president of Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS), the party he formed in 2001.

Announcing this , Home Minister and election officer Nayani Narasimha Reddy said that there were no other nominations and everything is in favor of Mr Rao . Soon after the announcement at Telangana Bhavan, party leaders and activists raised slogans and distributed sweets. The election formality was completed just two hours ahead of formal start of proceedings of party’s 11th plenary at Kompally.

Thanking everyone for electing him, Mr Rao said TRS is now the biggest political party in the country with a membership of whopping 75 lakh. This is possible due to the unstinted support from the Telangana people towards TRS, he added. “we started the party for achieving separate state and during the struggle, we faced many an ordeal. Finally, we achieved the separate state and since then, there is no looking back for the party. People have been reposing faith in us and in a way entire Telangana has become a member in the party. This is possible because the party is doing exactly the same as per people’s aspirations.  So, this journey will continue and the party will remain forever in the hearts of five crore Telangana people in the decades to come” Mr Rao stated.

As per the election schedule, the process of filing the nominations for the party president’s post began on April 14 and continued till April 18. The nominations were scrutinised on April 19 and yesterday was the day for withdrawl, Mr Nayini said.

12 sets of nominations were filed in KCR’s favor by ministers, MPs, MLAs, MLCs, zilla parishad chairpersons, chairmen of state-run corporations, heads of agriculture marketing committees and presidents of district party units.

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KCR Moves Ahead On Free Fertiliser Scheme

KCR is trying to take forward his promise to farmers to pay for the fertiliser input @ ₹4,000 per acre.

Hyderabad: After making a dramatic and rather epoch-making announcement, Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao has moved ahead on the free-fertilizer scheme for all the farmers from the next financial year. The CM held a high level review meeting on Thursday at Pragati Bhavan on government’s financial assistance to farmers for the purchase of fertilisers and constituting Farmers Associations and the ruling measures to implement these schemes.

This meeting is significant as it was held a day before the crucial party plenary. This is being seen to instill confidence in the ryots and the cadre and convey a message that his government will match the assurances with deeds.

Taking a cue from the former Chief minister of united AP- Mr YS Rajasekhara Reddy- the Telangana CM said that the government will make every effort to turn agriculture into a festival. The CM desired that farmers’ suicides should stop in the State, the state should become a role model for agriculture in the country and the farmers who are feeding the society should enjoy proper respect.

“We have decided to share the increasing burden of investment on farmers. The government will bear Rs 4000 per acre for the purchase of fertilisers. Besides this we are also improving the marketing facilities. We will make all arrangments to get the Minimum Support Price. We have already kept ready godowns with a capacity of 20.5 lakh metric tonnes. We will also strengthen the Agriculture department. In Telangana we have 2112 Agriculture Officers including those newly recruited. Their services are available now. We will have one officer per every 5000 acres,” the CM said.

“We will change agriculture lands in Telangana State into crop colonies. Officers should tell the farmers what crops they should go in for based on the type of soil, rainfall and temperatures. Farmers should go in for crops based on the advice given by the officers” he stated. The CM has decided to hold a conference of agriculture officers in the state on 25th April 2017 at HICC in Hyderabad.

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Will KTR Be Made TRS Working President In Party Plenary

KCR would like to project his son as the future CM. Will he make him party’s working president during the plenary?

Hyderabad: Telangana Rashtra Samithi, TRS, which has flexed its muscle after a series of electoral gains and ever-increasing popularity- is holding a crucial plenary from April 21 for two days at Kompally in the city outskirts. There will be a massive public meeting on April 27 –its foundation day- at Warangal.

The regional outfit which grew stronger after the formation of the State is busy drawing its electoral strategies and the plenary is one such occasion for the leadership to give a direction to the cadre for the 2019 polls.

On government side, Chief minister K Chandrasekhara Rao is already on the job and announced sops like free fertilizers to all the ryots from the next financial year and increased quota for muslims. He is eyeing the huge BC vote bank and sops to them have also been worked out.

On organizational front, the membership drive, starting with block-level offices etc were already done and in a way, party structure was streamlined.

Be it as it may, holding of plenary at this juncture appears rather strategic in more ways than one way. Some feel this is unnecessary since there has been neither anti-incumbency factor nor any need for organizational rejig. But, party conclaves generally take place when everything is on the right track and there are less voices of discontent.

According to well-placed sources in the party, one of the plans of KCR appears to be to lay a perfect grounding to make his son KT Rama Rao (KTR) as his successor. There was a broad agreement in the party for KTR’s leadership but handing over the baton rather smoothly is a tough task. KCR has methodically groomed his son by making him part in every important task and simultaneously cut to size KTR’s only challenger Irrigation minister T Harish Rao. The clout around Harish Rao has been weaned away. KTR too, on his part, has proved his mettle and has received support from all walks of life. Both in the state and outside, he is hugely popular.

Now KCR would gauge party’s mood for KTR’s elevation through the plenary. There was a demand to make him as a working president for the polls but it is unlikely that an announcement would be made to that effect. Another demand is that KTR should be projected as Chief ministerial candidate for the 2019 polls but KCR, known for his shrewdness and dexterity in handling things, would not take such a hasty step at this point.

Interestingly, KTR has been making district tours in the name of Janahita Sabhalu which are apparently intended to get more public support. In one of the recent interviews- he stated that KCR would be the CM for the next ten years and added that at 63, his father is reasonably less-aged in politics. Interestingly, he averred that he has no differences with Harish and that the latter would not cross over to Congress. “One thing is clear: This jamboree is not just for drawing 2019 poll strategy. It is very much part of KCR’s plans for KTR’s coronation” a senior leader of the party quipped.

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KCR To Take Up Quota Issue With PM

Amidst uproar by State BJP leaders against enhancement of quota to Muslims and BCs’, KCR is mulling over to seek support of the PM

Hyderabad: While the State BJP unit is dead against the enhanced quota for Muslims and STs’ in the State, Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao is mulling over to seek the support of Prime Minister Modi for implementing it when they meet on April 23.

The Chief Minister will be participating in the NITI- Ayog general council meeting, to be chaired by the Prime Minister, for which he would be leaving for Delhi on April 22.

The CM is planning to brief the PM about the Bill, which was passed by the State Assembly enhancing quota in jobs and education for Muslims from 4% to 12% in accordance with the election promise made by TRS. For STs’ the quota will be increased from 6% to 10%.

However, senior leaders of BJP like Union Minister M. Venkaiah Naidu vehemently opposed these reservations on the premise that quotas based on religion were unconstitutional.

Along with the issue of reservations, the CM might also take up pending issues like release of more funds for development of BCs, irrigation and other projects, bifurcation related issues like division of the High court and others listed in the 9th and 10th schedule of AP Reorganisation Act etc. Chandrasekhar Rao is will also be meeting Water Resources Minister Uma Bharti and others.

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A movie on KCR

A bio-pic on KCR is in the offing. The award-winning producer Raj Kandukuri had already discussed with KTR and Kavita in this regard.


Hyderabad: Of late, the movies that are being made on celebrities are turning out to be big hits. Even the Indian audience started enjoying such bio-pics.

In this context, a film on KCR would not be surprising. Hailed as the person who achieved statehood for Telangana, KCR is literally in the heart of every Telanganite. His charisma and the way he is striving for the development of the State made Raj Kandukuri make a film on KCR. Incidentally, he is the one who produced the National Award-winning film ‘Pelli Choopulu.”

He is making all preparations to start shooting and release the film in 2018.

The film is being produced under the banner Dharma Patha and the title is yet to be decided. Madhura Sridhar, apart from directing the film, is busy writing story and screenplay. His schedule has become hectic as he is the one who has to choose the actors and technical staff.

The film being made on KCR will concentrate on his leadership qualities, his role in leading Telangana movement and administrative abilities. The producer has already met KTR, Kavitha and others and got their approval. Sources close to the producer said that KTR and Kavitha will directly oversee the story and screenplay of the film. However, the producer and director of this film are yet to meet KCR.

Buzz in Tollywood is that the son and daughter of KCR would be playing an important role in the making of the movie.Sensational director Ram Gopal Varma also announced that he would make a film on KCR.

The fans of KCR who are in India and abroad are eagerly waiting for the film which is being made under a good banner.

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KCR To Work As Coolie For Two Days

The Chief Minister named the initiative to extend for a week as ‘Gulabi Cooli Dinalu.’

Hyderabad: Chief Minister of Telangana, K Chandrashekhar Rao, who is known for springing up surprises decided to work as a coolie for two days in a week. He would be available for daily wages.

The Chief Minister named the initiative to extend for a week as ‘Gulabi Cooli Dinalu’. Although he did not specify what he would be doing, he said that he would lead by example.

He announced that all ministers, MLAs, leaders and activists belonging to the party will raise funds by working as coolies for two days in a week. This money will be spent during the annual convention of Telangana Rashtra Samithi.

The congregation will be held on 21st at several places across the State followed by a huge public meeting at Warangal.

By doing this, the idea is that the TRS leaders would earn enough to pay for travel and food expenses to attend party convention.

The TRS has already taken membership drive, which was a huge success according to the party.

“We have collected nearly 35 crore rupees in the membership fee and that is reaching our party bank account,” the Chief Minister revealed.

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The Sensation Called KCR

The grand promises made by the CM to farmers and minorities are only made with an eye on 2019 election.

Hyderabad: Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao is known for his sensational statements. Be it the decision to increase the quota for Muslims and tribals, or the fresh announcement to provide free fertilisers to farmers, every statement he makes create waves. His knack for tackling with people makes him one of the most charismatic leaders in the country.

After coming to power,  KCR has developed and executed strategies to keep the masses on his side. He implemented loan waiver, which was his election promise, in four phases, and now he gave assurance to free fertilizers.

Both the promises, one related to quota and the other connected to the free supply of fertilizers, were made in a bid to keep these sections on their side. There are chances that the reservation issue might become contentious, as the BJP in the State is opposing it.

The Chief Minister has already made it clear that the reservations were not based on religion, but on the socio-economic backwardness of Muslims.  He announced that a special session of TS Assembly would be held on April 16 to pass this legislation.

These announcements are luring, but how far can these promises be implemented is the question being posed by many.  Such populist measures would only become a burden to the treasury, the analysts argue. They feel that though Telangana is a surplus State, there are many areas that are to be developed. They  also remind KCR of the problems his government would face in fulfilling the election promise he made about loan waiver.

The present State budget is around a lakh crore, and implementing free supply of fertilizers requires huge funds. In this context, analysts say that implementing quota on one side and freebies to the farmers on the other would only push the government into financial crisis.

However, the announcement that the free fertilizer scheme was going to start from the next financial year only suggests that the eyes of KCR are set on 2019 elections.

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