KTR Launches Telangana Magazine RITZ

HYDERABAD: Minister for IT & Panchayat Raj Rama Rao and philanthropist Pinky Reddy have launched Telangana edition of South India’s premier Lifestyle Magazine a��RITZ – at a function held here on Sunday evening.A�The first issue featured Rama Rao on the cover page with a cover story a�?The Complete Mana�? about him.

Speaking on the occasion, Aruna Krishna, publisher of the magazine said, South Indiansa�� aspirations are different from North Indians, and there was hardly any space devoted for South Indiaa��s news in the national lifestyle magazines.

a�?Hence, we launched RITZ, 11 years ago.A�A�It is a South Indiaa��s Luxury Lifestyle magazine that covers not just page 3 and socialites, but 360 degrees of the lifestyle newsa�?, she added. Vanaja Banagiri,A�editor of the Telangana edition, said the magazine caters to the South Indian content.

Speaking after he launched magazine, Rao said he hasna��t ever been on the cover of the any magazine,A�and it was great to be on the cover of the magazine.A�A�He welcomed RITZ to Hyderabad.A�The city has everything going for it.A�A�We have a rich culture, charm, history and new age vibrancy, he said, adding that Hyderabad needs to improve social capital to the city.

a�?We need social life after the hectic day of the work. We dona��t have many places to go in the city. I have two young kids. I dona��t find many places for me to take them.A�A�Our government recognizes these, and that is why, we came out with Happening Hyderabad last year, which is a superb success. We ended up doing 152 events in the last one year under that initiative,a�? he said.

Special number, which is the Telangana Edition of RITZ, marks our foray into Telugu markets, said Aruna Krishna, Publisher and Editor of RITZ Magazine.A�A�Hailing from one of the oldest business families in Tamil Nadu, she is the co-owner of Southscope, India’s leading south film magazine.A�A�She co-owns it with Allu Sirish of Geetha Arts, one of South India’s influential and successful production houses.

Over the years, RITZ has become a name to reckon magazine for fashion, lifestyle and substance. It has been instrumental in shaping attitudes, perspectives and lifestyle, Aruna added.A�Aruna, who is also the Executive Director of IBEX Products, an auto components manufacturing company, allied to the well-known UCAL Group, has ambitious plans for the magazine.

a�?We will be the magazine relevant to current generation with latest trends and focus on next technology and creativity in publishing.A�A�Every edition hits the market with fresh ideas, wow factors, which give a new experience to our readers. Trust is priceless.A�A�And we have building the same with each issue published,a�? she said.

a�?Dance of the Brusha�? held to mark the launch and celebrate. It was a rareA�and one ita��s kind of jugalbandi of art and music informed Vanaja Banagiri.A�A�Srikanth Dhunde, an expert in abstract art for over 25 years, painted to the tunes of acclaimed Hawaiian guitarist Jaywant Naidu.A�A�Together they created a masterpiece for the first time ever in Hyderabad.A�An exclusive painting of Afza Tamkanat was also displayed. (NSS)

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