KTR attacks Congress

HYDERABAD: IT Minister KT Rama Rao today criticized that the Congress leaders were making a hue and cry on the TRS Government with regard to flagship water grid project as they will lose their base and existence in the State.

Talking to reporters here, KTR alleged that the Congress leaders are crying foul for political mileage. Knowing that Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao will not relent until the water grid or any other taken project is completed, the Congress leaders were losing their patience and trying to mudslinging activity, he contended. KTR asked Jana Reddy and Utham Kumar Reddy as to why water grid project should not be taken up if it needs only Rs 10,000 crore. He expressed surprise over the remarks of Congress that there was misappropriation of thousands of crores of rupees in the water grid tenders. a�?How can they make such foolish comments when universal tenders were called for just Rs 1500 crore for the project?, he deplored.

KTR sought to know why Jana Reddy and Utham Kumar Reddy, who were ministers during the previous Kiran Kumar Reddy regime, failed to convince the latter to release funds for drinking water project and other welfare schemes in Telangana. Jana Reddy, despite being Panchayat Raj Minister did not bother to eradicate fluoride problem and distribute safe drinking waters to the people of his home district.

When Kiran Kumar Reddy allotted Rs 7,000 crore towards drinking water for Tirupathi, the two ministers could not object and seek funds for the region, he pointed out. KTR challenged them to tour the constituencies and ask the Congress leaders whether the water grid scheme will provide safe drinking water complying with WHO standards. It is known to everyone what happened during a�?Jala Yagnama�? project during the Congress regimea�?, he said. He also ridiculed the Congress leaders that they will have no political future if the people get safe drinking water through water grid project.

KTR slammed the Congress leaders for talking on corruption. He said they did not take any mobilization amount for the project and tenders were quoted to the less the amount of the government estimations, he added. (NSS)

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