KRMBa��s decision postponed to Friday

Hyderabad, October 30: Krishna River Management full Board meeting held today ended, yet again, without a conclusive agreement on the power row with regards to using of Krishna waters by the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The board suggested that both governments and the officials meet amicably and come to conclusion, the prospect of which looks farfetched. The final decision may be given on Friday.

The earlier contention of AP government that the water level be maintained and the power generation to be halted remains unchanged and Telangana government refuses to go back on power generation and they repeatedly quote the increasing farmer suicides and power crunch in the state to justify the continuation of power generation at Srisailam project.

Even as Telangana wanted to continue power generation till November 5, AP government says that irrigation of 1.30 lakh acres that come under the Srisailam right bank and 1.2 acres that come under the KC canal would be affected if the water level goes down. Irrigation Principal Secretary of Andhra Pradesh AdityaA�NathA�DasA�quoted GO 107 that restricts the use of Srisailam water below 854 ft. On the other hand, Telangana government emphasised its right over usage of water for power generation and they would go up to 834 ft or more if needed. Telangana Irrigation Principal Secretary SK Joshi and Telangana’sA�irrigation advisor Vidysagar Rao reminded the board of GO 69 and the latter said that Srisailam was originally conceptualised as a hydroelectric project. However, board chairman Pandit asked them not to dwell into history and that there have been several other projects that have come up later. He also reminded that SLBC canal is towards Telangana.

Whether AP and Telangana come to a consensus on the issue or not, the board will deliver its final decision on Friday. Meanwhile the state of Telangana faces severe power crunch and the farming sector that majorly depends on borewells, run with electricity for water, is going through a famine like situation.

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