Krishna Tribunala��s status quo decision disappoints AP, TS

New Delhi: The Krishna Water Disputes Tribunal headed by Justice Brijesh Kumar decided on Wednesday that the Krishna water between Andhra Pradesh and Telangana State has to be distributed between the two states within the allocations made in Bachawat Award.

The Tribunal did not disturb the allocations made to Karnataka and Maharashtra earlier. The counsel for Karnataka and Maharashtra have argued that AP and TS should discuss among themselves and redistribute the water allocated to the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh. TR Andhyanujina, senior counsel arguing for Maharashtra, had said the Tribunal had worked for 15 years to arrive at the formula to allocate Krishna waters among the four states.

The counsel said that the very purpose of incorporating Section 89 in the AP Reorganisation Act, 2014 was to make it mandatory to share the Krishna water allocated to erstwhile Andhra Pradesh between Telangana State and the residual State of Andhra Pradesh. The two states were permitted to approach the apex court if they fail to resolve the issue among themselves. AP and TS expressed utter disappointment with the Tribunala��s decision.

Telengana State government had filed an affidavit pleading to redistribute Krishna waters among the four states instead of the two states carved out of the undivided AP. The Tribunal has asked both AP and TS to file an affidavit within four weeks if they have any objections. The hearing was adjourned to December 14.

The Bachawat Award gave 811 TMC of Krishna water to the united Andhra Pradesh. Irrigation experts and Left leaders and YSRCP leaders from both the states have expressed utter disappointment with the decision of the Tribunal.

The political leaders said the Centre has to take the initiative to redistribute the Krishna waters. The chief ministers of AP and TS have to meet on urgent basis and chalk out a strategy to put pressure on the Centre. Both the governments appear to be studying the judgment of the Tribunal and intend to go to Supreme Court if the Tribunal reiterates that the waters should be redistributed among the two states only.

The Brijesh Kumar Tribunal had given its award three years ago. Senior counsel AK Ganguly appeared for Andhra Pradesh government. Additional Attorney General of TS Ramachandra Reddy argued on behalf of Telangana State government.

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