Kodandaa��s terms to call off Nirudyogula Rally

Telangana JAC chairman Prof. M Kodandaram made it clear on Tuesday that they would withdraw the proposed a�?Nirudyogula Rallya�� onA�February 22A�if the State government gave a clear-cut assurance to the unemployed youth.

Participating in a preparatory meeting organized by the Students Unionsa�� JAC at KakatiyaA�UniversityA�in WarangalA�on Tuesday, Kodandaram said the rally was being organized not for prestige of JAC but to help unemployed youth. He demanded that the State government give clear assurance on the promises made by the TRS on the eve of last elections. He also asked the government to implement reservations in private sector also and ensure jobs to the local youth. He made it clear that the JAC will organize Nirudyoga Rally at any cost.

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